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Uhu · 21/10/2004 15:19

Prior to having my twin DS, I use to suffer terrible period pains and had to dose myself with painkillers for 2 days. Since their birth, I only take 2 painkillers at the beginning. If I knew that the cure for my period pains was childbirth, I would have started sooner !

Has anybody else notice this or have your periods got worse?

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 21/10/2004 16:02

The good news when my periods came back was that they were less painful. The bad news, as far as I was concerned, is that they became very heavy (I need to use 2 night-time pads at a time during the day) and that for the first time ever they are as regular as clockwork - I have never had more than 4 periods a year, and suddenly one every month feels like torture!

Marina · 21/10/2004 16:06

Less painful, true, but heavier, as WigWamBam has also found.

Thanks to extended b/f plus a hideous miscarriage between live births, since October 1998 I have had a total of twenty periods. Not happy at the prospect of next stop menopause

gingernut · 21/10/2004 16:10

After ds1, periods were lighter and much less painful (like you, uhu, I used to need painkillers for several days). Hope this trend continues after no 2 (due November).

WigWamBam · 21/10/2004 16:13

Actually, now that I think about it, a doctor that I once saw about my periods did tell me that the solution to most period problems is to have a baby! I thought he was joking at the time (he didn't take me seriously as he thought that I should be grateful not to have had a period for over a year!), but perhaps he was right.

Rowlers · 21/10/2004 16:13

I've got completely the opposite - I am now (DD 7 months) revisiting my teenage years it seems and suffering terrible period pains a WEEK before period starts. I am getting concerned that something is not quite right but also wonder if I'm becoming a hypochondriac. Anyone else in my shoes or am I the only one? If so, I really will start to worry....

Uhu · 21/10/2004 20:51

I also noticed that my periods are much lighter and over within 5 days, whereas before, they were extremely heavy and I would have to wear protection for 7 days. With any luck, the lighter periods will continue and don't revert back to the bad old days.

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 21/10/2004 20:53

What I've also noticed since I had my daughter is that I now get spotty at that time of the month too . I never did previously, but now I look like a pizza for a fortnight.

Lonelymum · 21/10/2004 20:58

Mine are generally better - always used to need painkillers on first day, haven't at all since having children. However, they can be heavier and I have had some wierd times inbetween periods (wierd pains and feeling ill about the time of ovulation - maybe similar to you Rowlers?). Was most aggrieved this week on my first day to have a tummy and back ache which required the use of a hot water bottle, but not the pain killers of old.

michellep · 21/10/2004 21:33

Mine have been very heavy since having DD2, and lasted for 7 or 8 days. I have also noticed unbearable PMT about 5 days beforehand where I get depressed about everything in my life, and can't stand the thought of seeing anyone because everyone hates me!! My period starts and everything is fine again. Isn't there some sort of vitamin that's good for PMT?

Rowlers · 21/10/2004 21:35

God knows Michellep but if you find it, let me know! Glad I'm not the only one ...

Slinky · 21/10/2004 21:38

Since having my kids, my periods have got a lot worse. No pain at all, but very heavy and longer. First few days I need to change every 1 - 2 hours - and this is with me still taking the Contraceptive Pill even though DH has been "snipped"!

I daren't come off the Pill because I know they'll be even worse. When I did come off the Pill during the "TTC" times, my GP did prescribe me some Transaemic Acid tablets - but never got round to taking them as I found out I was pregnant with DD2.

I really do need to go and discuss options with GP - but forget and just put it down to having to "live with it".

michellep · 21/10/2004 21:39

Rowlers - you too. The only good thing about this is my husband hasn't quite worked out the connection to the tearful "I hate my life" five days, and he is so helpful, he bends over backwards to cheer me up. Maybe I should try this at other times of the month, just to keep him from twigging its PMT!!!

Lonelymum · 22/10/2004 10:27

I have the opposite problem: my dh thinks I do have PMT when I know I don't and never had. He is always snidely referring to my PMT and then smiles smugly in a told-you-so sort of way when I shout "I do not get PMT!" It is sooooo irritating! I would rather have PMT!

michellep · 22/10/2004 14:39

Oooh lonelymum, I feel for you there!!

WigWamBam · 22/10/2004 14:44

MichelleP - Vitamin B6 is meant to be really good for PMT, Evening Primrose oil is good too.

michellep · 22/10/2004 14:53

Thanks, I'll try those - I saw a nutritionist recently who told me which foods to use, but not supplements, and the only thing I fancy at that time of month is chocolate and kebabs!!

suzywong · 22/10/2004 14:55

worse, much much worse

WigWamBam · 22/10/2004 14:56

But very understandable

Uhu · 22/10/2004 15:02

Lonelymum, I also get the severe pain when I'm ovulating. It happens 14 days from the first day of the last period, like clockwork. My period normally starts 12 days later so if we decide to have another child, at least I know when is the optimum time to conceive .

OP posts:
bizzi · 23/10/2004 09:39

When I was 12 I was lead to the school nurse, feeling period lowsy, the thoughtless woman laughed when I told her I had my first period and said "You'll have this pain until you have a baby!" She was right though.
I too get awful pmt and crave chocolate and loads of crap, easy to digest foods, like white bread. After being told this pattern of eating only perpetuates the pmt problem (sugar hits then big lows) I make a concerted effort to eat brown bread or a jacket potato, the choclate craving actually goes!

Frizbe · 23/10/2004 10:02

my periods have been all over the place since I gave birth a year ago, sometimes normal for 5 days, but twice this year they've been light and lasted for 3 weeks, which quak tells me can happen sometimes...costs a fortune in bloody tampons n pads....

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