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cough relief while breastfeeding- what can i do

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kbaby · 20/10/2004 11:16

anyone have any suggestions what i can do to ease a chesty irritating cough. the gp says it isnt a infection and also said cough medicine isnt suitable and doesnt work. The problem is its keeping me up at night and im knackered between feeding dd and coughing.

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 20/10/2004 11:19

A glycerine mixture (blackcurrant and glycerine, honey and glycerine) might help ease the irritation, Boots do one and they also have glycerine pastilles that might help.

prettycandles · 20/10/2004 12:04

Tea made with honey, fresh ginger and coriander seed (no milk) is very soothing. You need to put in enough ginger (sliced is most convenient) and coriander for the tea to be fairly peppery. If you use decaf tea or herbal tea you could have a flask by the bed and sip it whenever you needed.

Hope you feel better soon. Have you got your central heating on? It could be that the air is a bit too dry for you.

MamaMaiasaura · 20/10/2004 12:07

Hi, Have you tried honey & milk? Regarding the other medicines I am afraid your dr is right as they actually have no greater physical affect than honey or the like but people feel better cos they think it helps (all in the mind). Can be kind of dangerous cos some of the stuff in cough medicines isnt very nice!

MamaMaiasaura · 20/10/2004 12:08

Oh and a steamy bath, should clear some of the mucous and be a good excuse for a relax :D

katzguk · 20/10/2004 12:11

honey and lemon is good, hot water couple of slices of lemon and a squeeze of juice plus two spoons of honey (my mum swears by it!!)

yoyo · 20/10/2004 12:12

Find anything milky makes a chesty cough worse myself - all that mucous! MIL swears by Manuka honey, lemon and hot water. I tend to sip water all the time and sleep with as many pillows as I can stand (have been known to sleep in a chair before now!). It's not easy when feeding as well. Do you sleep with the heating on as I find that doesn't help?

LIZS · 20/10/2004 12:19

Try asking your pharmacist. I had a basic Linctus from Lloyds when I was pregnant and it may not have actively helped the cough itself although it did ease the irritation and lubricate my throat so I still found it a relief. Honey and Lemon or warm Blackcurrant might also help.

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