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impetigo again!

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kid · 17/10/2004 22:44

My poor DD (5) has been unlucky enough to get impetigo for the 7th time! The last time she had it was only a few weeks ago. I noticed it started on Saturday so I rang the hospital and the Dr agreed to see her to give a prescription. They gaveme some fucidin cream. We have used this in the past and it doesn't seem to help at all.
The impetigo has now spread across her face under her lip and is spreading down her chin! As she has already started antibiotics do you think she should go to school tomorrow? I am a CA in her school and have already been off work for the past 1 1/2 week with poorly DS, so I can imagine they won't be impressed if I'm off with DD now, kind of a no win situation really. I was thinking about taking her in and letting them see for themselves. Is there anything I can use longterm to prevent this returning? DD had exzema as a baby in the very same spot so maybe in vunerable to it? My MIL said I should wash her face with teatree face wash once it has cleared up? I'm at my wits end with it keep coming back so am willing to try anything!

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willow2 · 17/10/2004 22:48

Ds just had a possible case of this - a couple of nasty spots on his top lip and a very sore nose. Saw Gp same day who prescribed fucidin and antibiotics to take by mouth. Seemed to knock it out very quickly. I was told by the school that he could come in if he had been on antibiotics for two days and the spots had crusted over, which he/they had. Hope that helps.

kid · 17/10/2004 22:52

she started having the cream applied on Saturday so Monday will be 2 days. But, from starting the cream, the spots are spreading. I did try and insist on being given the medicine but the Dr just refused saying it is only used in severe cases, if only she could see DD today.
I will take her to school tomorrow and phone our own Dr and see if we should carry on with cream or pick up the medicine (which DD hates the taste of!)

OP posts:
kid · 18/10/2004 18:27

Went Drs today, they aren't convinced it is impetigo and have taken a couple of swabs to test.
I'm glad they are checking it out at last, she has been getting it on and off for nearly 3 years.
The Dr thinks it might just be a cold sore and they can offer a different cream if it is. For now we have the medicine for impetigo and we just have to sit back and wait for the results now.

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bizzi · 18/10/2004 22:12

Good luck with those results kid.
Can you describe the rash/spots? dd1 (7) has a patch on her back and another under her arm, they appeared last week and are now crusting over, caused her no pain except itching. I've only ever heard of impertigo being on the face, can it appear anywhere? Or could this be herpes simplex? Would welcome your comments.

kid · 19/10/2004 17:26

Impetigo can appear anywhere on the bodu although DD has only ever had it on her face. It first appears as a little spot but then rapidly bursts and gets a yellow crust over it. It is highly contagious while it is weeping, it doesn't scar but leaves a red mark on the skin for a month or so before completely disappearing. HTH

OP posts:
pollyanna · 19/10/2004 18:10

kid, my dd has had impetigo several times too - it keeps going round my children. This summer we were given some really strong antibiotics as well as the fucidin cream and it hasn't recurred so far. I tried tea tree oil, but it didn't prevent it coming back.

willow2 · 25/10/2004 23:44

Think it is back - one 5p sized red sore (on his bum) - one on his head (crusty!) and a small one that looks like a small blister that has had the top rubbed off on his tummy. Back to the doctor tomorrow. Great joy.

mieow · 26/10/2004 00:48

DD2 had a severe case of this over the summer, bout 60% of her body was covered in scabs, it was the worse case the doctor had ever seen. She did scar on her tummy, but its hardly noticeable now, but you can see it if you know its there IYKWIM. We couldn't pick her up as it knocked the scabs off, and hurt her I hope she doesn't get it again as it was bad last time. It took about 5 weeks for it to clear up in total.

kid · 26/10/2004 07:57

Hope you get on ok at thr Drs Willow2, DD is still having the medicine but it looks almost gone. No more scabs but still a bit red and a tiny bit open but not weeping?
Still waiting for the swab results back from our DR. I'll wait until the medicine has finished and then phone them up if I haven't heard anything.

OP posts:
willow2 · 27/10/2004 10:29

Hiya, been given more antibiotics (fluxotine or something that sounds like that!) plus if it doesn't start clearing in three days have to add amoxycillin to the recipe. Hope it buggers off for good this time - he's only got two 5p sized sore bits but they look as though someone has stubbed a cigarette out on him. Thankfully they are not obvious otherwise I imagine I'd risk a mouthful from other mums!

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