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ADVICE - Nurofen for 4 month old???

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Gomez · 13/10/2004 22:50

DD is 4 months old and has the most awful cold. She is really struggling to sleep, is tired grumpy and generally, I would imagine, feeling pretty poor. But I have no Calpol and DH is away. Could I/would you give her a teeny amount of Nurofen do you think? BTW She weighs around the 20lb mark so is a fairly hefty girl. And really miserable....

OP posts:
MummyToSteven · 13/10/2004 23:00

Have to say that I really wouldn't risk it. Sorry.

fairydust · 13/10/2004 23:01

have to agree with MTS they say 6 mnoths for a reason

Gomez · 13/10/2004 23:03

Fair enough ladies. Thanks just wanted to ask another adult as DH is away and my mum how dare she has gone out and is not available at the end of a phone. Was just doing that well the Calpol bottle says 3 months but then HVs tell you to give it after injections at 8 weeks so maybe I could apply the same logic.... Okay I am desperate. Thanks again.

OP posts:
fairydust · 13/10/2004 23:04

is there not a 24 hr garage near u?

Gomez · 13/10/2004 23:06

'Fraid not. Or not that I know of anyway.

OP posts:
prufrock · 13/10/2004 23:06

No. 6 months is because of risk of allergic reaction to ibuprofen and increased risk of asthma if you introduce ibuprofen to an immature gut.
Is there an all night pharmacy near you? Call them, by Calpol over the phone with credit card and then call local minicab firm to go and pick it up and bring it to you. Expensive way to get a bottle of calpol but better than risking nurofen.

prufrock · 13/10/2004 23:08

Actually don't get calpol, get Medised infant - it's basically calpol + anti-histamine, suitable from 3 months, and dries up snotty noses and sedates whilst killing pain.

Gomez · 13/10/2004 23:09

Oops crossed posts - live in Central Scotland, nearest 24 hour anything Glasgow/Edinburgh I think. At the end of the day it is just the cold, we will both have a horrible night and then get sorted in the monring. Just the wee scone is so unhappy. But positively has been asleep for oh, 40 mins now so maybe exhaustion has kicked in and she will get a good few hours which will help.

OP posts:
Gomez · 13/10/2004 23:09

Forgot to say thanks again. So thanks again.

OP posts:
fairydust · 13/10/2004 23:10

sorry i can't help you gomez - best of luck with her tonight. ((((((())))))

Gomez · 13/10/2004 23:35

Wishful thinking.. she is off again!

Will get some Medised Infant tomorrow.


OP posts:
Aero · 13/10/2004 23:47

Love that term of endearment Gomez! v cute! Hope you get through the night ok and that 'the wee scone' feels a bit better tomorrow!

handlemecarefully · 14/10/2004 08:37


When my baby was 4 months old he had a rampaging temperature and was reviewed by 2 doctors at my surgery who suggested junior ibruprofen (2.5ml)....Perhaps they thought getting his temperature down (and neurofen is more effective than calpol for this) was more important than the 'technical' risk which Prufock refers to.

Personally I would suggest ringing your doctors sugery and asking to speak to one of the doctors over the phone about this.

Gomez · 14/10/2004 15:35

The 'wee scone' wasn't too bad as it goes - think exhaustion got the better of her around 2ish when she then slept until 6. We were in Sainsbury's bright and breezy - her lapping up (literally) her first spoon of Medised (in fact first spoon of anything), me enjoying a nice breakfast and a large coffee!

She is much better and her nose is running a bit more today which will hopefully clear it all out. It hasn't knocked her out thou... I did find out however that her tongue reflex/thrust thingy is gone which was quite interesting.

Oh HMC her temp. wasn't too bad (around the 38 mark) I was just hoping to give her some relief from the discomfort of a stinky cold. If she had been spiking a temperature I would have been far more pro-active!

Thanks again and DH is home tonight so his turn if needs be.

OP posts:
fairydust · 14/10/2004 23:01

glad to hear things weren't to bad

monkeygirl · 14/10/2004 23:08

Gomez- have just seen this. Glad she is ok and still thriving! See you on t'other thread.

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