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Singulair Asthma tablets

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Pippinthedog · 11/10/2004 22:50

My 2 year old son has been prescribed singulair tablets. 3 weeks in he seems to be suffering from insomnia has anybody else experienced this?

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Skate · 11/10/2004 22:51

LOL at the nickname! Like it!

BNF lists 'sleep problems (insomnia, drowsiness, abnormal dreams, nightmares) under SE for Singulair.

geogteach · 12/10/2004 11:15

I'm impressed you've got this far! My DS was prescribed these at a similar age and we never managed to get him to take them, can you speak to the consultant or whoever prescribed them for you, or do you have a peadiatric respiratory nurse, ours is good at responding to queries on the phone.

acer · 12/10/2004 11:23

Why has he been prescribed these? my ds was constantly wheezy so the gp prescribed singulair but I never started them, he has an egg and nut allergy, then I had him tested and found out that he is allergic to dairy, stopped this and 4 months on he is not wheezy, he still gets his asthma with a cold and usually has to have one to three days of steriod tablets, but we tried everything, we even put solid wood flooring in because my gp was convinced that he was allergic to house dust mites, he was then tested and guess what he is not allergic to dust mites!

Pippinthedog · 12/10/2004 12:15

he was prescribed them for asthma{already has inhalers}as when he gets a bad cold he ends up in hospital he also has egg and dairy allergy and carries an epipen.I will speak to doctor.

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acer · 12/10/2004 12:24

My ds was in and out of hospital for almost 2.5 years until I finally got him tested, our gps were not helpful, now our doctor is Mark Porter and he has been great! Have you had your ds tested?

Pippinthedog · 12/10/2004 12:51

do u mean allergy tested in hospital?

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acer · 12/10/2004 13:04

No, our gp took a blood test and sent it off to be tested, he tested for house dust mites, egg (which we already new) nuts, dairy and grass pollen. It took me 18 months to get him tested, in the end I changed doctors.

Pippinthedog · 12/10/2004 13:15

yes he had blood tested for egg, milk, tomatoes and strawberries.came out v high to egg and milk. not much u can do about dust mites apart from housework and not keeing fluffy toys!

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