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Can an infection in your tooth make you feel nauseous?

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Aero · 08/10/2004 21:58

Have had this awful feeling of nausea all day (defo not pg btw)and a nasty bitter taste in my mouth which I assume is the infection which was causing my toothache for which I'm now on anti-biotics. I know ibuprofen can cause a sicky feeling, but I've only had one of those today and two paracetamol and have been eating normally. The pain isn't too bad now but can't understand the nausea. Anyone know about these things? Any dentists out there who can explain?
The problems only started after having a filling re-done last week!

OP posts:
jampot · 08/10/2004 22:00

Aero - some antibiotics can make you feel nauseous plus the whole fighting infection thing can knock you off your feet too.

Lisa78 · 08/10/2004 22:03

Any bleeding? If you get any blood in your tummy, it can make you feel sick. Otherwise echo jampot. An infected tooth can cause blood poisoning, but it has to be left and quite bad plus I would have thought the antibiotics would have prevented that, so unless you have rampant headache and temperature, I would agree with jampot. Time for a lazy weekend with much pampering and sympathy

Aero · 08/10/2004 22:05

Have only taken one so far - I wasn't even going to get them as the dentist said not to unless the tooth didn't settle - which it hasn't, then this nasty taste came so good friend Cadbury picked up the drugs for me today (cheers Cadders) - the nausea has been around all day - almost put me off taking the remedy as when I had mastitis the antibiotics for that made me feel v v nauseous!

OP posts:
jampot · 08/10/2004 22:06

aero - erythromycin can make you feel vile and I think some are enteric coated to try and reduce the effects - is this what you're on?

Aero · 08/10/2004 22:07

My gums bleed all the time - have done as long as I can remember - am prone to it as is my mother, but teeth are in good condition on the whole - no plaque or worries re receding gums or anything suchlike thank-goodness!

OP posts:
Aero · 08/10/2004 22:08

No jp - just on Amoxycillan and about to take the 2nd one before bed.

OP posts:
Aero · 08/10/2004 22:09

enteric? (love mn for the things I learn) Enlighten me please jp!

OP posts:
jampot · 08/10/2004 22:11


Aero · 08/10/2004 22:15

jp - you are a star! Am going to drown my nausea in the BAR!

OP posts:
jampot · 08/10/2004 22:19

Any time - and what a crap rhyme!

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