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Any advise for about 20 spots of Chickenpox in 3yr old vagina!

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mum2twins · 08/10/2004 20:49

She is in agony and there are so many 20+ - any tips tried all the bath stuff and calamine although you cannot now buy calamine cream it has been discontinued. Feel really sorry for her. Anyone also know anything about Rhus Tox?

OP posts:
zebra · 08/10/2004 20:52

Wow, what a location.
Definitely time for Calpol... I wonder if Ibuprofen gel is ok at her age? Or something to numb the area. You would need to look it up.

zebra · 08/10/2004 20:53

Oh -- You can definitely give Piriton syrup (somethign age appropriate) at that age, which should help a lot, too.

Jimjams · 08/10/2004 20:56

Rhus tox is good for itching. Get 6C or 30C and give as often as needed.

Poor thing- hope she's through it soon.

SoupDragon · 08/10/2004 20:56

I dosed DSs up with RhusTox and something for skin conditions from New Era for children. They got off fairly lightly with very little discomfort & itching. I just followed the dosage instructions.

mum2twins · 08/10/2004 20:57

thanks Zebra have been giving her Zirtek oral antihistamine during the day, found she is better not being drugged up to the eyeballs during the day and Phenergen antihistamine at night as well as Calpol. But it seems to need something soothing down there. Nightmare!! Her twin brother's CP is starting to clear up and he seems to have got away with it lightly compared to her.

OP posts:
mum2twins · 08/10/2004 20:59

thanks I have rhus tox 6c do I didn't realise it was good for the itching - am a bit of a homeopathic virgin (lol) so have not given it yet. Shall I just give the max dose?

OP posts:
MummyToSteven · 08/10/2004 20:59

thread hijack alert.. how come calamines been discontinued???? and hope dd feels better soon

discordia · 08/10/2004 21:08

What about zinc and castor oil cream/sudacrem or whatever you use/used to use for nappy rash? It's my cure for everything!

SoupDragon · 08/10/2004 21:09

Fairly sure I went for the Max dose. IIRC you can't overdose on it.

onlyjoking9329 · 08/10/2004 21:16

am sure i read somewhere that bicarb in the bath is good.

kalex · 08/10/2004 21:17

Cat me and I will send Calamine cream first calss tommorow

agy · 08/10/2004 21:23

Yep - bicarbonate of soda in a warm bath. 1 cup in small bath, 2 in large one.

mum2twins · 08/10/2004 22:15

Thanks Kalex really kind of you but my husband has just come back from the night & day chemist and they have given him Aveeno Cream but not sure if it will help itching. They also said can no longer get Calamine in cream form. So I will try that but thank you so much for offering to go to so much trouble for us. Things are a right bummer at the moment, my husband has had an operation on his hand today (carpel tunnel syndrome) and is now in a sling moaning about the pain and my usual helper, my dad, is in hospital with a clot on the lung. Never rains but it pours! But I keep reminding me at least it is just Chickenpox it will be over soon! Thanks everyone for your help.

OP posts:
Aimsmum · 08/10/2004 22:15

Message withdrawn

jamiesmom · 08/10/2004 22:21

a cool bath with dettol on helps, could NOT get my dd out when she had it, she was 4 at the time and had about 200 spots she was covered

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