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Whats your PMT like?

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charliecatthenonsmoker · 08/10/2004 17:59

I have been feeling mine getting worse and worse every month. This last week I could have murdered someone, I was thinking about it for a brief period of time actually and after I thought it was a bit extreme although outwardly I was just mildly raty and easily irritated.
When dp said id been moody since last Thursday I just thought "You really have NO idea" and I didnt bother to explain I hadnt just been moody id been murderous too!
Oh and also have been weepy at everything and nothing but unable to let it flow, so thats pent up aswell.
What are you like?

OP posts:
MistressMary · 08/10/2004 18:01

Blooming terrible moody so and so, I'm afraid.
When it looms and for a bit after too?
And cry at the adverts!

jampot · 08/10/2004 18:21

what do you want to know for

jampot · 08/10/2004 18:21
  • mine can be bad more irritable than usual is probably my worse symptom
blossomhill · 08/10/2004 18:22

don't ask - terrible!

lilibet · 08/10/2004 18:37

oh dear, in our house it's ' be afraid, be very afriad' time. and I am really getting worse. Dp is very nice and just says that he can tell when it's happening as my mind goes in strange directions. And I can cry at anything.
Does anyone take oil of evening primrose?

rosies · 08/10/2004 18:39

you know i am always advocating reflexology, but really, it has good effect on PMS... but you will need a few treatments to get things balanced and settled.

luckymum · 08/10/2004 18:44

I once went for dh with a hammer....does that count .

I run now - put on my trainers and go out - its worked wonders for me. Oh and I eat chocolate!

Donbean · 08/10/2004 18:59

im unreasonable and ratty...........Wanted to stab DH to death the other day cos he put a spoon in the fork drawer.....and dont get me started on the way he makes the bed and made my tea tonight.....Am on a night shift tonight...if some-one even looks at me wrong they are going to get ready for a fight only kidding,im quite mellow this month.

marthamoo · 08/10/2004 19:02

I am absolutely horrible. If I was dh I would stay in an hotel once a month. I am Screaming Bitch Monster Harridan Woman from Hell

posyhairdresser · 08/10/2004 19:02

Sometimes mild symptoms only, sometimes crashing depression and crying.

Often evening primrose & Vit B help but not always

charliecatthenonsmoker · 08/10/2004 19:55

Oh good its not just me then. I would love to go our for a run but dps not here that often before 7pm and id feel a bit dim out in the dark, scared too. I also eat for 10 the day or two before.

OP posts:
Lisa78 · 08/10/2004 20:29

Picture a rottwieler. On Speed. In lipstick. Now try and take its bone away.

There I am!

I used to have a little picture at work which read "Say its PMT and I'll staple your bollocks to the desk"

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