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how do you know if tummy ache in 5 month old?

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Sandi102 · 03/10/2004 09:39

Hi i'm trying to figure out why ds2 (22 weeks) is waking up at 2am and not resettling until 4am. he was sleeping thro fine, but has been doing this since i introduced breakfast. do you think he may have tummy ache? he only has small portions, about 2 ice cubes of breakfast, lunch and tea, with a bit of fruit for dessert. could i be feeding him too much?

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alexsmum · 03/10/2004 10:18

I don't think that you are feeding him too much at all. Is he bringing his legs up during that awake time? That's usually a sign of tummy ache.Sorry, can't help beyond that.Is he pooing a s normal?

tex111 · 03/10/2004 10:20

Sandi102, is he pulling his legs up and scrunching up his face? My HV said that they were signs of a tummy ache or painful wind and when DS would do that I could usually get a good burp out of him and he would resettle. It doesn't sound to me like you're over feeding him.

He might be going through a developmental phase. Has he started doing something new recently like sitting up or rolling over more often on his own? When DS learned something new he would take every opportunity to practice, even in the middle of the night. If that's the case he'll probably stop in a week or so when the novelty wears off. Good luck!

Sandi102 · 03/10/2004 10:52

thanks, the leg pulling is definitley a sign. In fact last night i put my arm round his legs to stop him from doing it, and he wanted to go to sleep, but he was finding it difficult.

I'll try baby massage before he goes to sleep tonight. Any other rememdies would be much appreciated.

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