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anti-candida diet

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ionesmum · 02/09/2002 11:15

Has anyone tried this? Did you feel better for it?

OP posts:
aloha · 06/09/2002 22:03

I meant washes 'calcium' out of the system. Duh!

robinw · 07/09/2002 11:11

message withdrawn

sml · 12/09/2002 23:45

Calcium, angelmouse
I had candida infection in the gut plus associated food reactions too in my teens and 20s. I also had kinesiology tests to get an estimate of what foods I was reacting to. That yeast free, sugar free diet is a killer isn't it!! But on the plus side, once it eventually goes away, you really enjoy tucking into all that forbidden food again.

If anyone suspects they may have the sort of persistent fungal infection that might require treating with this sort of diet, I'd recommend getting some books out of the library about candida infections. I've read several quite popular books that list all the symptoms and run through many case studies. If you've really got a candida infection, it should be easy to spot, as the symptoms are many, and some are impossible to mistake. The wierdest symptom of all that some candida sufferers experience is the feeling that you are inside a glass bubble and can't reach out and touch things around you. I had this a lot, but I didn't even realise it was a symptom until I saw it listed in a book on candida.

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