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DD behaving odd - should i take to doctors?

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SpringChicken · 28/09/2004 20:17

DD is 10.5 weeks old and usually and excellent feeder - on 9 oz bottles and still looking for more afterwards.

However, since saturday she has been a bit grumpy - have noticed her dribbling alot and after feeling in her mouth can feel a bump on her bottom gum - therefore, think she is teething.

Today she has only drank 2 bottles all day long - had on at 9.20 - tried to give her another at 1 o'clock but wasn't interested, finally wanted it at 4 o'clock - have now been trying since 7.15 to give her her last feed before bed but she has only drunk 3-4 oz and is not interested in anymore! and last night she had her bottle at 5 and would usually have another at 8 then bed but she wouldn't take her 8 o'clock one and slept right through.
Definitely not got anymore wind (have done everything bar actually hanging her upside down!) She has also been really sleepy today - at any given opportunity she has fallen asleep which is very odd for her.

Any Advice?

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Lisa78 · 28/09/2004 20:20

DS2 displayed similar behaviour when he was teething so I expect its par for the course - babies usually sleep themselves better, when they are off colour, IYSWIM.
Still, any baby that is unusually sleepy should be checked out, just incase there is another condition that is being masked by the teething symptoms.

MeanBean · 28/09/2004 20:22

When is your next HV clinic? If it is in the next couple of days, and your DD seems OK otherwise, why don't you take her down there to get checked out?

SpringChicken · 28/09/2004 20:25

It's on Thursday- should i just wait til then?

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Jimjams · 28/09/2004 20:34

I'd take her to the doctors tbh if she's the same tomorrow- teething or not (and it would be early to be teething although certainly completely possible) I think she should be drinking more.

Jimjams · 28/09/2004 20:58

springchicken- not sure if this is your first baby. If you are ever worried don't hesitate to take a young baby to the doctor. IME surgeries etc are always happy to see such young babies- whatever the concerns- you never get made to feel like you are time wasting. Alternatvely see if you can give your HV a ring tomorrow- but I suspect she would tell you to take her to the doctor. Sorry if this isn't your first, and I'm teaching my grandmother to suck eggs- it's just I was genuinely surprised at how keen doctors were to see ds1 as a baby having spent years being made to feel guilt for going to the dr iyswim!

JJ · 28/09/2004 21:15

SpringChicken, I second JJ's advice.

Here are the symptoms of mild to mod dehydration:
-urinates less frequently (fewer than 6 nappies/day)
-parched dry mouth
-fewer tears when crying
-sunken soft spot of the head in an infant

Severe dehydration is:
-goes several hours without urinating
-very fussy
-excessively sleepy
-sunken eyes
-cool, discoloured hands and feet
-wrinkled skin

Those are from my trusty American Academy of Pediatrics book (7 years old, but I still use it!)

If you think that she's severely dehydrated, then take her in. I don't know that she'd have gotten really dehyrated just missing a few bottles and if she's weeing well, then don't worry about dehydration. But take her in tomorrow if you're still worried then.

SpringChicken · 29/09/2004 09:55

Thanks Guys - she seems much perkier this morning although did only take 6oz of her 9oz bottle - and considering she had her last full feed at 4p/m yesterday that's not very good!

She is urinating plenty so i don't think it's dehydration as she doesn't have any other symptoms.

Will give her til this afternoon and if she still hasn't drunk anymore fo her bottles i will take her down there.

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