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Fed up with my health

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lou33 · 28/09/2004 12:30

Feeling really low about it today. I am taking so mnay pills for things It's really getting to me.

This morning I took 1 anti convulsant, 2 anti inflammatories, 2 glucosamine, 2 cod liver oil,1 muscle relaxant, with the option of 1 more relaxant , 1 painkiller and 1 anti emetic if I need to.

This afternoon I will have to take 2 more anti inflammatories and another 1 or 2 relaxants, again with option of painkiller and anti emetic.

This evening I have to take 1 anti convulsant, 2 anti inflammatories, 1 or 2 relaxants, and the optionals again.

That is a total of 24 pills a day if I have to take everything. Feeling really low about it, and had to get it off my chest. Sorry if it seems a bit self pitying.

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 28/09/2004 23:15

Oh Lou sorry to hear you are mis. I do know the feeling, I take bloody millions of things for Crohn's (immunosuppresants, steriods etc) the arthritis, iritis etc that comes with that, asthma, allergies, last remnants of glandular fever, eczema etc. I rattle as I walk!

It's so dull but I do just ignore it most of the time and I'm so thankful that most of my stuff doesn't affect me too badly, I still have a normal life in my opinion. There are so many worse things I could have.

Flossam · 28/09/2004 23:41

Awww, Lou! You poor thing it sounds miserable. Probably all that I am going to say is blindingly obvious but...
Pain specialists, are becoming more and more common and their therapies increasingly respected in the NHS. Ask GP for a refferal, how long has you back been bad? How did you injure it? Or is a cummulative thing with carrying your children (I know your DS is disabled). Do you feel you have all the necessary equipment to deal with lifting/manual handling at home? I know this can be a real battle, and you are an expert but just a thought.

I don't know what the problem with your bowels is, but I've had IBS for a few years. Since I've been pregnant things seem to be a lot better in that department, but before I was taking Silicial Gel (Spelling?) which did seem to help. You can pick up in health food shops for around a fiver.

You mention that you have your period, do you find that you do become lower in mood around this time? Because I never used to notice it was related, but it often was. I was on depo provera a few times, the first it make me a crying quivering wreck, the second turned me into something resembling a psycho bitch from hell... but it still took me months to realise!

I found that St Johns Wort did make me feel better during this time. Have you tried that too? The only drug contra-indicated with that as far as I know is the pill. Also is it starflower oil that is supposed to help with pre menstrual tension? I hope something I've suggested might be of some help and I haven't just stated the blindingly obvious and I really really hope you feel better soon.... (Imagine Hugh-yuck-Jackman and Adam-not-so-yuck-levine standing forming an orderly que outside your bedroom!!!) Lots of thoughts and sympathy. x

RexandBen · 29/09/2004 00:19

so sorry Lou! I had no idea yu had to go through all this

lou33 · 29/09/2004 01:25

Blimey, can't believe the response. I really didn't expect to find all this. Thank you so much.

My back is a trapped nerve. We went away at the wekend, and I did it there. I saw the gp on Monday and she said she wouldn't even attempt to examine me, because she could see my whole left side was in spasm,just by looking at me. Hence the valium prescription, to try and relax the muscle. It is starting to work a bit though, which is good. I can stand a bit straighter now.

My bowel thing is ulcerative colitis. I've had it on and off for about 4 years, but it's been consistent since june last year, and I have just had to double my dosage, and add painkillers, glucosamine, and cod liver oil to counteract the joint pain it can cause, over the last few months. The anti emetic is because the anti inflammatories can sometimes make me feel dreadfully nauseous, but they in turn lower my convulsive threshold. The anti convulsants speak for themselves.

I can't take st John's wort as it is not recommended for those with epilepsy.

My periods seem to have become v irregular since January. I used to be regular, every 30 days, but hey have gone a bit haywire. I went to see the gp in april (i think) and she said it could be my pcos coming back ( I had diathermy for it in 96), but to keep an eye on it. Tbh they have been heavier since being sterilised in 2001, but shorter in length, and I usually get that cramping feeling when it is about to arrive, so I am prepared iyswim, but this time there was no pain, just a sudden gushing out of blood (sorry, too much info I think), and since that episode this morning it has been v light. I know I should go back tp the gp, but I feel like I am living there atm, I was only there on monday ffs! I just feel I shouldn't be having all this rubbish at the age of 37.

Anyway, thanks again for all your lovely supportive messages, it really has helped. I didn't expect it, I was just sounding off really.

OP posts:
tigermoth · 29/09/2004 07:05

sorry you have all these health problems lou - I really had no idea. You seem so full of life with a wicked sense of humour.

CountessDracula · 29/09/2004 08:15

Lou, UC is very similar to Crohn's is it not? What sort of anti inflammatories do they give you?

MUMINAMILLION · 29/09/2004 08:20

Oh Lou, had no idea you were having such a hard time - you are always so cheery and supportive on here!!

Lots of love and sympathy (I have epilepsy and dad has chrones - can understand a bit). Hope you are feeling a bit better today. xxx

wobblyknicks · 29/09/2004 08:23

Lou, sorry things are so bad atm. Some gp's can 'prescribe' complementary health things on the NHS in certain cases - I don't know whether its worth asking your gp. Don't worry about being self-pitying, you're allowed to have a moan whenever you like - the rest of us certainly do.

Would love to send HJ over to cheer you up but he must have run away

lou33 · 29/09/2004 09:06

I can't decide if my back is improving or not. Just when It seems to be easing, and I can walk againa bit better it starts coming back. I will call the gp again tomorrow if it hasn't improved.

CD I am taking mesalazine, and if it flares up too badly I have steroids as well, but it has clamed down enough not to need them atm. Still have the pain associated with it tho, and joint pain, but at least I can go out in public without worrying iyswim.

Thanks again for all your lovely messages.

OP posts:
aloha · 29/09/2004 15:15

Poor you Lou. I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. I agree, the period thing should be watched and I think a referral might be needed. When I had ovarian cysts my periods when haywire, but I also had chronic - sometimes overwhelming - back pain. When I had the cysts treated the back pain vanished. Not saying you have the same thing, but often what seems (when you are feeling ill and gloomy) as a lot of disconnected, bad-luck symptoms, can be connected.
I hope you feel better soon.

lou33 · 29/09/2004 15:39

At this rate they will have a seat made saying "lou33, hypochondriac" just for me!

OP posts:
aloha · 29/09/2004 16:14

Oi! You can't help being ill! So stop it at once

bran · 29/09/2004 16:18

I still have nothing helpful to say, but hoping you feel better very, very soon.

lou33 · 29/09/2004 16:21

You just want the brownie recipe don't you

OP posts:
JanH · 29/09/2004 16:24

Aw, lou, me too, I am so sorry to hear this, no wonder you feel so fed up! You are allowed to feel fed up! And all this on top of all the kids' medical problems...and you still carry on being wonderful and making us all laugh a lot...I think you are brill.

bran · 29/09/2004 16:25


You know, I thought that I fool people into thinking I'm a nice person, after all the only thing any of you know about me is what I type in myself - but people always find out .

I suggest that you don't make any decision about the brownies until you're better - that way you'll know that I'm sending 'get well soon' vibes your way with all my heart.

Flossam · 29/09/2004 16:27

Lou, at least you would know that the little old ladies that wee themselves weren't sitting there if you had your own designated one!

colinsmommy · 29/09/2004 16:28

Lou--Sorry to hear that. I've always thought of you as some sort of ironwoman with boundless energy. Wish I could say something profound to help, but obviously not. ((((hugs)).

PS. I really do mean this. I have my own brownie recipe that I am quite fond of, and don't need yours.

Miaou · 29/09/2004 16:30

Lou, I have no useful advice for you, so I am sending you a row of smiles ...

Miaou · 29/09/2004 16:30


DelGirl · 29/09/2004 16:41

lol Miaou

I hope you're feeling better today Lou (hugs)

lou33 · 29/09/2004 17:43

Your posts make me feel better anyway

Am off to make brownies in a minute

OP posts:
MTS · 29/09/2004 17:44

oh dear Flossam, definitely sounds like the voice of experience there!!!

Flossam · 29/09/2004 17:58
Marina · 30/09/2004 10:57

Oh Lou, as others have said, you are always so kind and positive on here to everyone. VERY, very sorry to hear you have so much health hassle at present. "Flooding" is so horrible, isn't it.

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