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Ouch, poor me

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lou33 · 27/09/2004 13:29

I trapped a nerve in my back on Saturday morning, and it really hurts. Been to gp today who told me my back has gone into spasm, and has given me valium to try and relax the muscles . She said if i am not better by weds then she is getting me some home physio sessions sorted. I can't stand up straight without lots of wailing.

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littlemissbossy · 27/09/2004 13:31

ouch Lou! I've suffered from this on and off since been pregnant with my ds - 4.5 yrs ago I can sympathise

lou33 · 27/09/2004 13:32

Thanks. I'd gone away for the weekend with dh and the kids as well, so it certainly took the fun out of it.

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coppertop · 27/09/2004 13:33

Ow! Hope that Valium kicks in soon.

agy · 27/09/2004 13:34

Well, you should be lovely and calm Lou, Isn't that what they used to call "mother's little helpers"!

lou33 · 27/09/2004 13:35

Whimper...... at least it is a good excuse for sitting about on here.

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lou33 · 27/09/2004 13:35

She only gave me 2mg ones, but I can take more than one, so hopefully I will love everyone in about 20 mins

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coppertop · 27/09/2004 13:36

I shall be expecting to see a "Lou's Love-In" thread in about 20 minutes then.

lou33 · 27/09/2004 13:55


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lou33 · 27/09/2004 18:40

Valium made me feel all cosy , but didn't take pain away, and didn't last long enough, nor did it stop me caring about what the kids were destroying.

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Forestfly · 27/09/2004 18:41

sorry lou hope you are feeling a bit better

PennyMojo · 27/09/2004 18:41

Did she recommend ice or an osteopath too?

fio2 · 27/09/2004 18:42

poor you lou

ks · 27/09/2004 18:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lou33 · 27/09/2004 18:46

She said if I was not better by weds to call her and she will try and get emergency physio service to come and visit me. I am supposed to be doing as little as possible, but that's quite hard with 4 kids, although I am doing my best.

Dh is pulling his weight though.

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lou33 · 27/09/2004 18:46

Ks, i was doing nothing! I was sitting on the edge of the bed after putting my boots on. Stood up and it went. Spoiled my weekend away really.

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