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camera in bladder?!?!

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lilsmum · 25/09/2004 17:38

hi i have to have a camera up into my bladder in 2 wks because i had lots of uti's in pregnancy (dd now 8 mth) and when they last tested me i still had it.... anyone any experience of this? or know what this could be caused by? or had this done? i am a little scared (soft i kno lol)i also have to go into work after this will this be ok do you think? they give u a local anesthtic (spelt wrong) pls help before i worry to death about this lol!!! xx

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MTS · 25/09/2004 18:37

no personal experience but been googling for you-

here;s the url of a useful bupa information sheet on the procedure:-

by the sounds of things, you shouldn't go in that day, but should be fine by next morning

mckenzie · 25/09/2004 19:34

i've had it done lilsmum and will tell more later but just off out now. I should remember but if I forget, feel free to message me

lilsmum · 26/09/2004 11:52


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