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Food before G anaesthetic?

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bizzi · 25/09/2004 16:12

Dd1 (7yrs)is going in to hospital for a general anaesthetic next Friday. Don't know time of appointment but do know that the particular theatre doesn't start until 1:30pm. What should she eat for breakfast? I'm inclined to feed her an enormous toast, cereal and fruit breakfast. Should I avoid dairy for vomiting reasons or is there no need?
As you might be able to tell I'm nervous (as hell) and am channelling my energies into nurturing her on the day! She too is very scared, how can I help calm her nerves? Anyone have any herbal/natural relaxation techniques I could try? I am obviously doing my utmost to keep my emotions to myself!

OP posts:
misdee · 25/09/2004 16:15

i dont think she'll be allowed breakfast would she?

soapbox · 25/09/2004 16:16

Usually she will be expected to fast from midnight the night before the operation. So no breakfast at all I'm afraid

BooMama · 25/09/2004 16:22

I'm very surprised that the hospital hasn't already told you in advance about whether or not she can eat before the operation. Definitely find out asap. I had a general for an emergency c-section and obviously nobody seemed to care then what I'd eaten that day!
Obviously this is vastly different circumstances. Have they provided you with any information at all about what to expect?

bizzi · 25/09/2004 16:23

I was told a light breakfast befor knowing that trauma theatre didn't begin till 1:30pm. She might not be seen till much later, she'll be ill with hunger!! I thought if she ate by 7:30am her stomach would be empty by 1pm...
Am I wrong?

OP posts:
bizzi · 25/09/2004 16:26

I only know she's having a general because I rang to find out more about the procedure - she's having wires removed from her elbow after a nasty break and dislocation last week. Don't even know if we'll have to stay in over night.

OP posts:
BooMama · 25/09/2004 16:30

Maybe it's best to prepare her for the possibilty of an overnight stay - maybe get her a new toy or book to take with her. If the surgery is in the afternoon she may not wake up for a couple of hours and even then she'll feel groggy for a while. It may be in her best interests to stay in, under observation. Maybe they'll let you stay with her?

discoinferno · 25/09/2004 17:16

dd had a general anaesthetic last year. Her op was at 2. She had to fast from 8.30. I gave her a normal breakfast.

bizzi · 25/09/2004 22:09

Thanks for your responses, I think your advice about preparing her, boomama, is sensible, as much as she dreads the thought I'm a strong believer in being prepared for the worst.
Discoinferno (where do you find your names??) that's helpful, unless someone screams not to feed her at me I'll go for breakfast!

OP posts:
butterflymum · 25/09/2004 22:23

Newborn to 12 months:
No formula or breast milk 4 hours before surgery
Clear liquids up to 2 hours before surgery

Over 1 year:
No formula, milk or solid food 6 hours before surgery
Clear liquids up to 2 hours before surgery

(A clear fluid is defined as a fluid through which print can be seen. Remember breast milk is not a clear fluid.)

Hope this helps.


bizzi · 26/09/2004 08:09

Butterfly mum, thankyou. Does this really mean dd1 7years old can eat anything 6 hrs before and drink water up to 2 hours before??

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 26/09/2004 09:46

bizzi, did you not receive something from the hospital? I would give them a ring (even if just to see how long it would be).

We have just received our instructions for dd's surgery under a general (she is 4). Here are the ones for afternoon admission.....

'No food or drink (including water) in the six hours before admission time on the appointment letter. This includes sweets and chewing gum. If your child has an afternoon admission time, please make sure they have something to eat and drink before 7am. If you do not they will be too hungry and thirsty.'

But I really would call and find out because the last thing you want to do is give her something you weren't supposed to and find out you have to go through the pallava all over again.

geogteach · 26/09/2004 15:59

DS , who is 3 had general for grommetts a couple of weeks ago, am op nothing to eat after midnight no drinks after 6am.
Just to warn you he was back from surgery by 9.30 am and allowed to eat immediately (biscuits and toast). He vomitted over me in the hospital and all over my car on the way home - you may want to be more prepared than I was.
He was still complaining the next day about having missed breakfast on the day of the op despite having eaten copious amounts since - strange what they choose to remember!

Tissy · 27/09/2004 08:50

Bizzi, the advice about what to eat before an anaesthetic varies a lot depending on the anaesthetist and the circumstances of the surgery.You MUST phone up the ward where she will be admitted and ask them specifically what the instructions are relating to food and drink. It is true that usually clear fluids are allowed up to 2 hours before the surgery, but some anaesthetists want longer than that to be absolutely sure the stomach is empty, and if you don't follow their instructions, the surgery could be put off till another day.

You may think that she will be going mad with hunger, but most children's wards are fun places to be, with loads of toys and games to keep them occupied, she will be fine, the nurses will be used to this situation.

As for preparation, as large bookshop will have quite a few books on going to the hospital and having an operation, but as your daughter's accident will be fairly fresh in her memory, she will be difficult to reassure. You could ask the ward nurses for advice on this too. The main thing to emphasize to her is that her arm is mended now, which is why the wires are coming out- it won't be sore afterwards- not like when it was broken.


BooMama · 30/09/2004 17:22

bizzi - good luck for tomorrow!
Hope all goes well.

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