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Gloworm-----please read-------EYE-Q and Beclamethosone/Ventolin

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KangaMummy · 21/09/2004 20:50

Please read my thread about DS age 9 with dyspraxia and Asthma

We have bought some EYE-Q liquid for him.

Is he able to have at same time as Beclamethasone? Does not have Ventolin very often.

Should he have in a mug of milk?

It says to start with 3 spoons a day do you agree? That is in one mug of milk correct?

Please help us with some advice.

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KangaMummy · 21/09/2004 20:50

sorry forgot to say the thread is in special needs section

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KangaMummy · 01/10/2004 12:47


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KangaMummy · 01/10/2004 12:48

sorry bump

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gloworm · 01/10/2004 20:14

i'm afraid I dont sell eyeQ in my shop so I cant really comment on it. I have heard many complaints about it, from customers and on mumsnet. some children seem to react badly to it. In my opinion eskimo oil is much better quality. it has a much better ratio of EPA:DHA. you only need to take 5ml per day, and children only need half this.
if you do a search on mumsnet for "gloworm eskimo" you should fing more threads on this.
sorry i cant really help more.

as far as i know it wont react with inhaler.

KangaMummy · 01/10/2004 21:23

Thanks gloworm DS does not like the taste of his Eye Q

I feel really silly as I had the name Eye Q fixted in my head from threads at mumsnet and told DH we should get that one so spend £10 on a bottle and then found out we had got the one everyone said was NOT the one to buy and that we should get eskimo

Does eskimo taste better or hopefully of nothing at all? We ahve the vanilla liquid.

I am glad it does not react with his asthma drugs

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gloworm · 03/10/2004 19:24

the regular eskimo (omega3 only) tastes of lemon.
the eskimo kids (blend of omega3, 6, 9) tastes of tutti frutti.
no artifical flavours or sweetners.
child needs between half to one teaspoon per day.

most kids prefer the kids one. if you need to hide it in food the lemon one is easy to hide in yoghurt.

KangaMummy · 03/10/2004 19:53

great thanks gloworm we will get some of the kids one when he has finished the eye q.

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