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I am such a s**t mother!!!

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wobblyknicks · 21/09/2004 20:36

DD just pulled open a cupboard and in a flash, even though I was right next to her, pulled a jar of silver dip off the shelf and onto the floor. I yanked her straight away, which made her yell like a banshee, rubbed her down quickly with a wet teatowel then gave her a bath. She seems happy now (that her mother isn't pulling her here there and everywhere in panic mode) but what should I do now?

Don't want to ring NHS Direct as seem to ring them too much and I'll have SS round wondering why I let my baby near silver dip!!! Could it hurt her skin and what if she managed to get the minutest amount in her mouth?

Feel like utter s**t

OP posts:
misdee · 21/09/2004 20:37

whats the ingrediant list in the silver dip (is that the cleaner stuff?)

wobblyknicks · 21/09/2004 20:38

Not sure, will look in a mo - its the stuff you clean silver with.

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 21/09/2004 20:40

Is her skin inflamed?

wobblyknicks · 21/09/2004 20:40

Her skin not inflamed (yet?). Contains thiourea??

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 21/09/2004 20:41

Have you googled it?

wobblyknicks · 21/09/2004 20:45

Found lots of stuff about it being carcenogenic, giving rats strange diseases etc but not much about it being really toxic etc so hopefully I'm lucky.

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 21/09/2004 20:47

Surely not carcinogenic if she only had it on her briefly and then had a bath? If you are still worried in the morning, take her to the gp, with the stuff, and see what they say. It sounds like you took evasive action really quickly, and if her skin is not inflamed, I'm sure it will be ok. But...I'm not a doctor.

wobblyknicks · 21/09/2004 20:48

What I mean tho is if the most they're worried about is cancer etc, then its not a really toxic high risk things surely, if there's no poison warnings etc.

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 21/09/2004 20:50

She didn't ingest any did she? I'm sure you would know if she did. Try not to worry, I'm sure she's fine.

serenequeen · 21/09/2004 20:51

sorry, wk, don't know the answer, but from your subsequent actions and postings here, you don't sound like a s**t mother. am sure your dd will be fine and look forward to you confirming that here.

wobblyknicks · 21/09/2004 20:52

she didn't have much chance, tried not to let her put her fingers near her mouth till after I gave her a bath.

OP posts:
wobblyknicks · 21/09/2004 20:53

Thanks sq - she seems fine, only cried when I was rough with her, yanking her away from the floor and washing her face (even though she hates it) in case she had any on.

OP posts:
serenequeen · 21/09/2004 20:54

i couldn't even count the times i've yanked ds out of harm's way... i hope she is fine.

Cadbury · 21/09/2004 20:56

There's nowt shit about you wk.

Hope she's Ok.

wobblyknicks · 21/09/2004 20:59

Thanks sq and cads. Got to go and clean the stuff up now, then will put us both to bed I think!!!

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 21/09/2004 20:59

Hope all is fine. Let us know in the morning. I'm sure it will all be OK. We all put things in places that our toddlers manage to get to. I once found my ds dragging a kitchen chair so he could reach a cupboard (didn't know he could do that at the time). The cupboard had all my bleaches and dish-washer stuff in it! I tried to make it inaccessible, but there you go! He's inventive if nothing else!

It doesn't make you a bad mother, and the fact that you feel bad proves that you are not. We have all had those 'there but for the grace of God' moments!

Cadbury · 21/09/2004 21:01

Night night. Sleep well, both of you. xxx

lou33 · 21/09/2004 21:15

It doesn't sound like she really came into contact with any Wk, don't be so harsh on yourself.

I got distracted when dd2 was slightly bigger than your dd (chatting on the phone), and she ended up tipping a cup of tea over herself! Now THAT'S a shit mother!

nutcracker · 21/09/2004 21:19

I think you are a great mum WK

Galaxy · 21/09/2004 21:21

message withdrawn

Angeliz · 21/09/2004 21:21

wobblyknicks, hope you're feeling better+
Hope your little girl is fine too ,(sure she will be, doesn't sound like she even came into contact much really cause of your quick actions).

You'll laugh about it when she's older and you're telling her stories

lou33 · 21/09/2004 21:25


Hi Angeliz, how is the nursery settling going?

Angeliz · 21/09/2004 21:28

Hi Lou
Well she was hysterical on Monday morning and i REALLY started to doubt wheteher i was doing the right thing.
Then it was ballet today, it's what she's been waiting for and she LOVED it, got a smiley stamp on her hand for being brave and had the teacher laughing so HOPEFULLY, it's getting better!
We'll see in the morning!

Thanks for remembering.
I was gonna e-mail you yesterday morning whilst sobbing and doubting myself!!

lou33 · 21/09/2004 21:31

Well I don't mind , you can still email me whenever you feel the need

Sounds like now she has realised there are things she likes at nursery, she may be able to start looking forward to it. Don't be surprised if she does get upset and clingy again though, it's v normal.

Hope she has a good day, and so do you!

Angeliz · 21/09/2004 21:33

Thanks Lou
It broke my heart on Monday, she'd stopped crying and just let me hand her over to the teacher but i said to dp, in a way that was even worse as it was like she'd given up and admitted defeat!!

Am hopeful for tomorrow!
Will let you know.

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