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I found answer to my severely Reflux DS.

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thegoodmans · 21/09/2004 10:51

Hi, ladies last week I started a thread in various places looking for bibs for my severely reflux DS. Some of you tried helping me but I was stuck on not using pelican type bibs.
We had a nice family day out last weekend & on an impulse we drove towards Reigate College to see ?BABY SHOW 4 YOU?. I wasn?t planning to buy anything (haha) but as I walked in first thing I saw was this wall of colourful bibs. After looking at the bibs and speaking to the people at the stand, I found out these were a new brand launched in the UK, especially designed for reflux and messy babies!! My prayers have been answered?. Ladies, the colour range is out of this world!
Apparently these bibs, are called Silly Billyz, and are made of an anti-pill polar fleece, and are all backed with a water resistant nylon. Uniquely these bibs do not stain, rip, crack, or carry the traits of usual bibs. They can be machine washed and tumble dried NO PROBLEM!!! Sceptical at first I purchased 3 at the show (they were about £3.50 each), and after using them on Sunday I am hooked.
I wanted more of these miracle bibs and searched the net for more. They do not seem to be sold by many companies as yet in the UK, presumably as they have only just launched. But they can be purchased from several online stores already!

I have also found a similar site to Mumsnet in New Zealand ( that?s where the bibs come from ) check this out & see what other moms are saying about these Bibs. If any one out there had similar problems like mine & wanted good bibs you can get all the information from this site.
I am glad my hunt for bibs is over, and reflux nightmares seem to be a thing of the past

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