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Has your child had / got molluscum

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Twiglett · 15/09/2004 17:04

message withdrawn

OP posts:
hmb · 15/09/2004 17:09

No. No, no, no!

It comes and it goes. I was told to leave it alone. Ds shared a bath nightly with is pox ridden sister for 6 MONTHS! and never caught it.

SoupDragon · 15/09/2004 17:14

Nothing - no special confinement, avoidance or other restrictions whatsoever. He just shrugged and said "my children have all had it and I just left it alone."

Aero · 15/09/2004 17:18

Yes - ds1 had quite a few (all gone now) and dd has had a few - still has 2 on her trunk. Took ds1 to GP (locum) who said they were nothing to worry about and would go away of their own accord, but could take months - which they did! She said they were viral and could be transferred in the usual ways - direct contact and indirectly by sharing towels etc or at swimming. No advice though other than that and I don't see how you could avoid close contact between friends at school etc anyway! I saw your earlier thread and felt your friend was wrong to blame you in such a way. Your GP may have been mistaken in terms of saying it wasn't contagious, but your 'friend' really shouldn't have been so unkind particularly as you were going by your GP's advice. Who's to say where her child picked it up anyway? You have nothing to worry about Twiglett, and I really hope this person realizes this and apologises!

fio2 · 15/09/2004 17:18

what are they? are they like skin tags?

suedonim · 15/09/2004 17:45

Nothing! She just said it's very common and that it will go away eventually.

pixiefish · 15/09/2004 17:49

Gp sending dd (7mths) to see dermatologist- I think she has them but he's not sure and wants an expert opinion. GP says he's never seen them in a baby so young. Would be interested if they are common in babies (I used to take her swimming but stopped when I found these)

anorak · 15/09/2004 17:52

What is molloscum?

iota · 15/09/2004 17:58

here it is

Kayleigh · 15/09/2004 17:58

anorak - thay are like small warts.

ds1 had a few on his upper arm a couple of years ago. Dr said to leave alone and would eventually go away, which of course they did after about 6 months. Said they were contagious only if in direct contact - touching et. But said no way to avoid this as so common.

anorak · 15/09/2004 18:04

Thank you. I was wondering after it being mentioned on mn so much today.

LIZS · 15/09/2004 19:09

Told it was very common and I specifically asked about nursery and swimming, as it was Easter by the time I finally went to gp and they were multiplying, to be told it was no problem and no special measures required. It was viral and, although technically could be passed on, only with direct contact to open ones (ds' didn't rupture until he caught chickenpox too and then they all went) so should take care not to knock them. He just wore long shorts and trousers that spring as they were behind the knee but still did swimming, nursery etc as normal. None of our friends were concerned when I told them .

roisin · 15/09/2004 19:16

Our GP told us similar to others on here - no treatment, no fuss. And explicitly, categorically it was OK to take him swimming, even though they can be caught from public pools.

After all kids can have moluscum for up to 2 yrs ... You can't not take them swimming for 2 years - that's ridiculous. When would they ever learn to swim.

DS1 had them for aobut 6 months, ds2 has had them for about 6 months now - so I hope they go soon. He's got loads, and they certainly aren't very attractive, but it really is not a big deal.

Does anyone know what percentage of kids get them at some point or another?

I'd never heard of them til ds1 got them, but on here it seems like everyone's had them?!

luckymum · 15/09/2004 19:44

Same advice here - all my three had them, took about 5 years for the household to be free of them. Our GP said probably half of all primary school children get them at some point and not to take any special precautions. I took mine swimming (that's probably where they got them from anyway) except when they went really manky towards the end of the infection.

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