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Problem with non-hormonal IUD & discharge...

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zebra · 18/08/2002 08:16

I've almost never had vaginal discharge in my life... but now I do. And I wonder if my IUD (non-hormonal, Nova10 maybe?, one) is irritating my cervix.

Has anyone found they start to ooze below after having an IUD fitted -- sorry to be gross; it is gross!

I saw a nurse... tests for thrush & other common nasty microbes came back negative. She tried to look at my cervix but it was painful to prise me apart. She said that a Smear test would hurt even more, but we will try that in another month if this discharge doesn't go away. She could see that my cervix looked inflamed. Says that the Smear test will just come back "inflamed", and then a retest would be required. Cervical cancer seems to usually involve smelly discharge, and it doesn't noticeably whiff, anyway.

I can't remember when the discharge started, but it's been many months. I had the IUD fitted last November.

Anyone had experiences like this?
Maybe I've just changed from a woman who doesn't ooze below to one who does? Such a personal question... but has it happened to any of you?

OP posts:
sb34 · 18/08/2002 09:15

Message withdrawn

green · 18/08/2002 15:30

i had a non-hormonal iud fitted (in for 2 years) (recently removed) and didn't have any changes in my discharge levels - just normal ovulation type discharge mid cycle.

i would think it may be a good idea to have it removed for a month or two and see if things improve - it doesn't hurt at all to remove it by the way and then you will know if it is that that is causing the discharge.

if it doesn't smell then i wouldn't worry about an infection or anything - but maybe it simply just aggravates your mucus producing cells - not sure why it would - maybe just simply the copper level could be playing a part?? just a thought?

zebra · 18/08/2002 15:59

It may not hurt to get it taken out... but it would hurt to have it replaced -- I really hated having it inserted. I will have to think about all that. THANKS, anyway.

OP posts:
Dinny · 14/11/2003 21:27

Hi, Zebra, I was searching for this exact problem on Mumsnet & found your post. I've had the same (and been thrush-like mid cycle) since having IUD in 6 months ago. Did your problem resolve itself? I actually had mine removed very recently and am hoping that'll make a difference. Interested to hear how you got on. Dinny

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