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egg alleries and mmr

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mieow · 16/08/2002 23:36

My daughter has contact alleries with egg, grass, and a few other things. I mentioned that she is allery to egg to the HV and she told me that she will not be able to have her MMR. Anyone else had this problem and is there any other way. My other 2 have had the MMR and I want her to have the jab.

OP posts:
lou33 · 17/08/2002 10:53

As far as I know it's because they use chick protein in the jab, so it could cause an allergic reaction if your daughter has it. I don't know if there are any alternatives, sorry!

robinw · 17/08/2002 19:29

message withdrawn

Chinchilla · 18/08/2002 13:36

My ds has a suspected allergy to egg (still awaiting allergy testing!) He had his MMR in hospital, and they monitored him for nearly 2 hours, just to make sure that there was no reaction.

If there had been a reaction, he would have had to have adrenalin, but he was fine. The doctor said that only a very small percentage of egg allergy sufferers actually react to the MMR, and even then it is not a dangerous situation.


mieow · 18/08/2002 16:27

Thanks for the advice. My dd does have eczema and asthma so I will go to the doctor and dissuss it with him.

OP posts:
shiv · 19/08/2002 21:34

HI ,I do some PH nursing in Ireland and sometimes do immunisation clinics. only a small number of people with egg allergies react to the mmr but because there is some risk we generally recommend that those with egg allergies have their jabs in hospital where they can be closely monitored and treated if need be. But I have never said to a mum that their child should not have it. generally we give them the options and let them speak to a paed if they wish and let them decide one they have all the info. good luck

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