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HELP.......Ds just fell down the stairs

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nutcracker · 07/09/2004 13:01

Ds 21mths has just fallen about half way down our uncarpeted stairs.
He seems to have figured out how to open the gate and was nearly up the top when i realised he had gone.

I think that he fell mainly on his belly, but may have bashed his face a bit as it's a bit red. I'm pretty certain that he didn't bang his head.
I scooped him up just as he landed iykwim and he cried but within a few minutes he was o.k and sturggling to get off my lap.

He's now watching Blamory and seems o.k

Should i take him to the g.p or anything to get him checked over ???

OP posts:
Cadbury · 07/09/2004 13:05

I'd keep and eye on him. If he changes or big bruising starts to appear, then go to the gp or someone, but other than that if he seems ok, then he probably is! On of the best design features about little children is that they bounce! Which is just as well because my 2 are rather prone to falling and banging and slipping!

Branster · 07/09/2004 13:05

see if reacts well to you (i.e understands what you say to him etc) touch him everywhere to see if it hurts in a particular place (head, shoulders etc), put some arnica cream on him (if he's not alergic) tonight if there are any bruises and if he's not well tommorow or tonight take him in to the gp.
my dd fell of 1/2 the stairs when she was about the same age. i was sooo scared for her, the worst that's ever happen to me. she was fine though. i didn't need to take het to the doctors on that occasion.

nutcracker · 07/09/2004 13:07

O.k thanks.

He scared me half to death. He's laughing with his Dd now so i think he's o.k

I will check him over again though to be sure.

He is supposed to have a nap in now, shall i still put him down ???

OP posts:
nutcracker · 07/09/2004 13:08

No not with his Dd LOL

OP posts:
Lonelymum · 07/09/2004 13:08

Mine have often fallen down the stairs although I have to admit they are carpeted. Ds3 fell the whole way down a few months ago (he is only 18 months now). If you take him to the gp, they will ask you if he lost consciousness at all. If not, and there are no obvious bumps or wounds, they will tell you to watch him for 24 hours. Go to the gp if he is sick in the next 24 hours. Usually, if he cried heartily straight after falling, that is a good sign.

Branster · 07/09/2004 13:09

yes put him to sleep. good luck. he fell down the stairs he didn't find a pot of gold for you to diserve a nap free afternoon!

nutcracker · 07/09/2004 13:11

Oh good.

I just asked him if he was o.k now and he nodded alot. He has a big red mark on his eyebrow and one on his cheek.

It hasn't put him off trying to get upstairs though unfortunatly .

OP posts:
Lonelymum · 07/09/2004 13:11

No funny that, it never does!

LIZS · 07/09/2004 13:29

Hope he is ok.

dd fell down half a flight of marble stairs at just 2. The sound of her bumping down was horrible but she cried straight away and although a bit bruised on her head was other wise unscathed. If you are worried that he fell awkwardly or if he seems disorientated or out of sorts then get him checked but he's probably ok. They somehow manage to bounce.

nutcracker · 07/09/2004 13:32

Well i've just put him down for his nap and he is now using the cot as a trampoline, so i'm not worried now, cheeky monkey.

OP posts:
clary · 07/09/2004 14:04

nutty, the GP as lonelymum says will ask if he lost consciousness, also did he cry at once (it's a good thing if he did!). They will also want to know if he seems very sleepy (but a nap at the normal time is fine) or has been sick.

If none of these applies I would not worry at all.

Can you tell I am a veteran of head-injury-related visits to the A&E?!

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