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sympathy please

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pesme · 06/09/2004 13:13

DP has a cold (or flu in manland). DD has a cold and wakes up screaming. I have a cold and dd cries everytime I cough. I know it will all be better soon but feeling miserable now.

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blossomhill · 06/09/2004 13:14

Poor you
Lots of sympathy, BUT it will all be better soon

CountessDracula · 06/09/2004 13:16

Oh you poor things

Hope you all feel better soon

woodpops · 06/09/2004 13:24

Poor old you. Us mums aren't meant to be poorly are we???

Hope you're all feeling better soon

Tommy · 06/09/2004 13:37

Ooooh feel for you - that was our family last Christmas. I don't envy you at all

Papillon · 06/09/2004 13:41

i am a big fan of sucking lozenges when in bed - reduces the cough and i have never swallowed one accidentally yet.

hope you feel better soon

pesme · 07/09/2004 08:39

Thanks everyone. Still feeling miserable but at least the sun is shining today. Sniff sniff.

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