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Kidney stones....................OUCH!!!!

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emmatmg · 05/09/2004 18:33

I've been in agony with back/side/kidney area pain for a few days now but as it's come and goes I've been putting off going to the GP. Until this weekend I have been able to cope but give me child birth anyday compared to this.

What I'd like to know if what are the best pain killers to take until I get a appointment, I can't have a another night like last night as I will be an absolute mess.

"Ouch" in the title is possibly the biggest understatment ever

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DelGirl · 05/09/2004 18:36

Emma, I had kidney stones once and had to call the doctor out three times for a pethidine injection. I was told the pain was worse than labour too. If it's that bad, I would ring NHS direct or your surgery and see what they suggest. You have my sympathy

Titania · 05/09/2004 18:37

hiya.....painful arent they??? ive had them twice.....i would rather pass my ds2 at nearly 7 months old than go through stones again!! take ibuprophen as they help with inflammation as well. Or co-codamol. Good luck....and get to the docs ASAP!!!

Titania · 05/09/2004 18:38

and yes,.....ring nhs direct......they may say to go to hospital but at least it will be sorted.

emmatmg · 05/09/2004 18:47

should have said, if not obvious, I haven't had it cofirmed as kidney stones but as my mum has had them and symptons are the same as listed on the WWW I'm pretty certain.

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emmatmg · 05/09/2004 18:53

Thanks ladies, I'm so pleased you agree with how painful they are as I'm sure DH thinks I'm exaggerating and his line when I'd just had DS1 has stuck with me "I knew you'd have to have an epidural as you haven't got a very high pain threshhold" I think proved him wrong with Ds2+3 though as I didn't have anything. Cheeky bugger.

I honestly cannot remember being in this much pain with any of my 3 labours.

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emmatmg · 05/09/2004 18:56

Why can't I post all this in one brain is mush!

DH is at work, so couldn't go to hospital even if they did tell me too.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that tonight isn't as bad as last night and get to GP in the morning.

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