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MRI scan--nervous!

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Arabica · 04/09/2004 23:53

Am having MRI scan after seeing neurologist about constant bone-deep aching pain in both lower legs, which I have had for over 6 months. Scan is to rule out cancer/compression of disk, I think. If scan is negative it will be good to know that there isn't anything seriously wrong. But wondering what on earth it could be otherwise.

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unicorn · 05/09/2004 00:00

no idea... but wish you well.
At least (hopefully) you will find out what the problem is.
best of luck.

MancMum · 05/09/2004 09:10

hope it went well - let us know how you got on.

Arabica · 05/09/2004 20:18

Thanks for your support! It's nice to know there are people out there. Don't want to share my fears with friends/family because I don't want to worry them unneccesarily.

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