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melsy · 27/08/2004 16:07

Dd had been non stop crying since 6 this morning. when I cleaned her teeth lastnight her gums were bleeding and theres a bad smell & shes creamed her head off. I dont even think I was doing it that vigourously. For the last few days shes been pulling at her hair behind her teeth , but I put it down to her havinga little thing she does. She also wont take hardly any milk and will only sleep for 40mins each time during the day when normally she sleeps hour and half each time. She only smiles when I sit with her and distract her with something, but Im going spare with tiredness today and cant sit all day on the floor. She had an infection a couple of weeks ago and was on amoxicillan , so im not sure if this is secondary from that. She has a mild temprature and is abit sweaty. Its poruing with rain and Im so tired and drained I cant face the surgery in town now , but I know I should go. Im just upset that she keeps getting ill over and over. I think Im going to have to find something alternative and more thorough to help me and her.

OP posts:
fisil · 27/08/2004 16:10

oh melsy

What about NHS Direct? 08454647. They can be brilliant.

melsy · 27/08/2004 16:12

i phoned surgery they want me in as soon as possible

OP posts:
fisil · 27/08/2004 16:15

Good luck

SenoraPostrophe · 27/08/2004 16:15

could it be teething, melsy? (bleeding gums, mild temp, in pain - it all fits).
Does she have rosy cheeks?

Remember you can alternate doses of calpol and baby nurofen (i.e. paracetemol and ibuprofen) so you can give the next dose before the last one wears off - 3-4 hours apart instead of 6 hours.

hope it gets better.

anorak · 27/08/2004 16:16

Maybe thrush in the mouth as a result of the antibiotics?

melsy · 27/08/2004 16:23

Is that what the smell could be , it does smell yeasty. what can they do for that ??

Im a asuuming its mixed with teething but shes had other illneses so im just making sure.

OP posts:
nutcracker · 27/08/2004 16:25

Melsy does she have a sore throat at all ???

Dd1 had a very horrible smell in her mouth when she had tonsilitis.

melsy · 27/08/2004 16:30

im not sure she doesnt seem to, but shes got a reall gruffy cry IFYWIM

OP posts:
anorak · 27/08/2004 16:31

For thrush there is a medication they take. You can help by giving her probiotics alongside this.

melsy · 27/08/2004 16:32

ive got some saambucol elderberry propolis

OP posts:
Papillon · 27/08/2004 20:13

Oh Melsy just found this - hope she is OK and that the surgery were able to find the source of the problem. No wonder she was not sleeping well during the day and crying out in the early morning.


coppertop · 27/08/2004 20:17

I hope it all went well at the surgery, Melsy and that dd will be well again soon. xx

Papillon · 28/08/2004 10:31

bumping this up cos you are in my head Melsy and I am worried about u and the little one. Thinking of you


coppertop · 28/08/2004 10:41

Is everything okay, Melsy?

Papillon · 28/08/2004 10:43

she has not been all msn all morning... i am going to ring.. will let you know wots happening

wobblyknicks · 28/08/2004 10:44

Poor melsy - have only just seen this, hope everything's ok now.

Papillon · 28/08/2004 10:57

off having an indian head massage and dd is fine and hanging with her daddy this morning

coppertop · 28/08/2004 10:59

Yay! Glad to hear that dd is okay. The head massage sounds good.

Papillon · 28/08/2004 11:03

cripes when i was visiting melsy went off to have her nails done... magpie got into her sisters place and the phone was going crazy - felt like secretary paps.. now I am MN secretary paps too!!!!

gothicmama · 28/08/2004 11:45

how's things thinking of you melsy

Papillon · 28/08/2004 12:03

how are things with you gothicmama???

come and visit litotes sometime for a chat and a catch up

gothicmama · 28/08/2004 12:24

iam fine Paps how are you I will pop in soonhave some chocolate cake on teh go for me

melsy · 28/08/2004 13:43

Awwww bless you all & my personal PA paps!!!!! I had come to the end of a great energy buzz last night. Ive had a real buzz for weeks now and ,may be it was inevitable to slump down so lastnight I planned a day for myself today as I needed to regenerate and be alone for the morning. I had the most amazing indian head massage this morning with an energy re balance. Will tlak about it in spsiritual home soon. DD is having a daddy dd bonding day so mum can just be melsy !!!!!

DD is doing lovely today , doctor said not to worry so much and that her infection will take some time to heal. He also said that shes just teethign very badly as he could see lots going on in her mouth , he said not to worry about the bleeding as the gums arejust sensitive from growing. He felt Ive been more than average for emergency visits, so very now, as the last 2 visists she did have problems that needed docs prescriptions???????? He thinks shes a very healthy petite but strong one!! just like me and that they are not worried about her at all , and that all these viruses are very common and will build up her immunity.

Thank you again for all your concern , bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

OP posts:
juniperDewdrop · 28/08/2004 14:24

Glad to hear dd is ok now my two ds's had virus after virus when they were little but it slowed down once they hit 3.

wobblyknicks · 28/08/2004 14:27

Glad everything's settling down now melsy - glad you had a fab massage and baby melsy is having a daddy day - at least you can relax now

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