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Legs in X shape

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pupuce · 13/08/2004 22:00

Well I am sure I'll find a (or more) wise mumsnetter....
My mother and MIL have noticed (and I too once it was pointed out to me) that my DD (3 years old) has her legs starting to get into what I call an X shape... i.e. knees fairly close together....
My MIL said that's down to lack of calcium..... is it ? Anyone had this, know more... I know NOTHING!


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JanH · 13/08/2004 22:47

Knock-knees, you mean, pupuce? Is this a completely new development or have they always been a bit like that?

JanH · 13/08/2004 22:52

NHS Direct says it's quite common and I thought it probably was - have noticed a few - rickets used to be a cause but I should think that is pretty rare nowadays. "In the UK, rickets is most commonly seen in immigrant Asian children." (From GP notebook. It's because with their darker skin and fewer hours of sunlight in the UK they get less vitamin D so absorb less calcium from their diets.)


pupuce · 14/08/2004 23:23

Thanks Jan... MOST helpful.... I didn't know the name of the condition either

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