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Glasses - how to get a 2.5 yr old to wear them?

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merrygoround · 11/08/2004 09:21

Dd (2.5) recently diagnosed with squint. Glasses arrived yesterday and I am panicking about getting her to wear them. She is quite a stubborn child (takes after her father....) and if she takes against something it is almost impossible to get her to change her mind. In this case I know that I have no choice, so nor does she, but can anyone give me ideas / experience to make this easier? She goes to nursery 3 days a week and they are willing to help. All I can think of is tons of bribery and rewards - ie smarties - and maybe telling her she can't go out to play until she has them on, but I don't want to end up with dental and weight problems as well....

I don't want her to pick up my anxiety, and I need to be prepared. The last thing I want is a repeat of my performance when she refused to take her medicine earlier this year and I ended up screaming and crying at her that she had to take it because I knew she was really ill and I felt like I was failing her if I couldn't get it down her.

Any advice would be very gratefully received.

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Goldfish · 14/08/2004 21:34

I do know how you feel about getting used to your childs face with their glasses on. Like I said in my earlier post my ds is about to try contact lenses and I will find it really strange if he does decide to go ahead with them. As for other childrens reactions he never had any problems at nursery or first school. It is only now that he is going up to year 6 and he has suddenly become much more aware of them and he has had some people making remarks but overall he has got on well and to be honest, if he gets his contact lenses I will miss his glasses in some ways, after 8 years of wearing them. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Try not to get too stressed. Things will get easier.

hmb · 14/08/2004 21:40

Dd looks totaly fab in her glasses. She has two pairs, one tinted for the summer. Mind you, I think that she looks drop dead gorgeous anyway! She has beautifyl eyes and the glasses draw attention to them. Makes her look quite sophisticated.

And Harry Potter has done a lot to rehabilitate kids wearing glasses I think.

merrygoround · 14/08/2004 22:00

Just placed an order for 5 books featuring children and glasses via Amazon! Feel like at least I'm DOING something. Was disappointed to realise that the Topsy and Tim (visit the optician) book was no longer in print when I went to the shop this morning - but feel satisfied now! Thanks for support, I will try not to get too stressed (I know I need to keep this in proportion).

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JMT · 15/08/2004 00:23

my son got glasses at 3 and a half, he is now 5 and the worst thing has been the number of pairs we have gone through! - because to start with he would take them off and forget where he had left them - we have a big garden and a couple of pairs fell foul to the lawnmower - I stood on a pair, gran stood on a pair, his sister did find a missing pair after we had got another pair from our wonderful optician - who has been great at providing spare pairs, which are essential at this age - if you havent already done so I would advise getting a spare pair. My son happily wears his glasses, a big breakthrough was having shortened legs rather than the curly over the ears type which he found uncomfortable, and people have been great at saying how handsome he looks in them - his nursery were good, and of course a lot more children now do wear glasses because eye problems are spotted much sooner . My six year old commented she wished she had glasses because they are cool. On a recent holiday to Canada I took a spare pair of glasses and prescription sunglasses for my son and the laugh was while my son came back with all three pairs my husband lost his glasses (twice!) Good luck, it gets easier and is worth the hassle.

merrygoround · 15/08/2004 14:08

Thanks JMT. I haven't got a spare pair so think I will go and get that done ASAP. I think dd must find her glasses comfortable because she often forgets they are there if she is playing. Today we had a stroke of luck as there were two little boys (5 and 3.5) in the playground both wearing glasses, and the oldest even tried to befriend dd. I noticed that even though she was not wearing them when we first saw them, as she had asked to take them off, after I suggested she show her glasses to them she kept them on right till I put her down for a nap - must have been nearly 2 hours.

And I've had a successful bid on ebay for yet another book - very exciting as I've never even used it before! 60p, so a bargain.

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