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first period after birth, still b'feeding...

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Spod · 09/08/2004 21:21

dd is 9.5 months old, I'm still breastfeeding. I think i have had 2 periods... about 28 days apart, only they were short...only bled for 2-3 days... not much to them really... pre-pregnancy they were 7 days, heavy and painful. So i was expecting my next period on last monday but, no show.... and we had an accident with a condom. But, a few days afterthe accident, was when i thought my period had come.. but like i say, it was really short if it was one. I did a pregnancy test a week ago which was negative and another today, also negative. For a week i have had cramps, but no period. I have been feeling ill... as in early stages of morning sickness-type feeling, mood-swingy too (as i was in early stages of last pregnancy). So if I'm not pregnant, why do I have cramps, feel awful and have no period this month? Should my periods be relatively regular by now? Or can i feel this bad just from being tired?

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Spod · 09/08/2004 22:28


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MummyToSteven · 10/08/2004 17:32


Tommy · 10/08/2004 17:54

Errr don't know, Spod but I just got my first period after birth and am still breastfeeding (DS - 11m)I had a lot of cramps before hand too and I wondered what was going on - also thought I was pg. I gather that periods take a bit of time to become regular again after pregnancy. I hope someone who know what they're talking about comes along soon to explain all!

coppertop · 10/08/2004 18:03

I went through something similar when ds2 was just a few months old. I was bf'ing but had a short light period. The same thing happened the following month and then nothing! I really really didn't want to be pregnant again so soon so panicked a bit, especially when I started getting what felt like early pregnancy symptoms. The following month Aunt Flo came back for a visit as though she'd never been away.

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