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Eczema and flaxseed oil

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minkmama · 08/08/2004 23:49

have bought flaxseed oil for DS1 but having difficulty administering it (no wonder, it's a bit foul!) Anyone got ideas on how to disguise it?

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honeybunny · 09/08/2004 09:25

Not sure how old ds is minkmama, but I used to mash ds2's into a portion of mashed potato or butternut, or used it instead of olive oil in his pasta to stop it sticking. I sometimes, if all else failed, rubbed it into his tummy(recommended for pre-weaned babies), as it can be absorbed thru the skin. I suppose you could mix it with milk if ds has a bottle, and I used to supplement myself when I was bf in the hope that it would get thru to ds2.

alison222 · 09/08/2004 12:57

Just bumping this up. I too have bought some for DS but he says it tastes horrible. So far he is swallowing it though. By the way DS is 3.5

minkmama · 09/08/2004 15:28

that's useful, i might try the milk or pasta. problem is, DS1 (21mths) doesn't eat well, so may detect suspect smell and texture

was advised to keep it in the fridge, so i wasn't sure if i could mix it with his meals, but it's good to know i can. hopefully it will make it easier!

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