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Menopause advice

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joanneg · 04/08/2004 12:27

My mum is really suffering with hot flushes at the moment (the weather obviously not helping). Has any-body any advice with regards to any natural remedies? thanks

OP posts:
gloworm · 05/08/2004 11:00

Sage is fantastic, it works for about 8 oot of 10 women. it will help eith hot flushes or night sweats. Bioforce Menosan is a really good one. it comes in drops you add to water and take 3 times a day or tablets. the drops are better.

Black Cohosh would be my second choice. again drops are better. it covers all the main symptoms of menopause including hot flushes.

If she has no other symptoms then i would try the Menosan first. if she has other menopausal problems then try the Black cohosh.

Other remedies (covers all memopause symptoms) are red clover, soya, dong quai, wild yam.

Do not use any of these if already on HRT. and also check if she is on any other medication.

You can get all of them in a good health shop. if you get the Bioforce brand ask for the free booklet on menopause, its really helpful.

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