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Tender breasts

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doubtifpregnant · 23/07/2004 13:18

I normally get sore, tender breasts before AF but this time I'm still having the tenderness 10 days it hormonal

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doubtifpregnant · 23/07/2004 13:39

I haven't had this before after AF just wondered if it meant pregnancy or just hormone disturbance?

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Easy · 23/07/2004 13:45

The only time I have been tender was early pregnancy, in fact it's how I knew I was pg. Was your last period a usual one? or a bit different.

doubtifpregnant · 23/07/2004 13:48

It seemed the same quite heavy which is usual for me. I think it was late though. How soon onto pregnancy would you have breast tenderness? I should know as i have had three children but none for a while!

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