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Should I have the smear test???????

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angelpoppet · 22/07/2004 09:03

I've got a smear test booked for this afternoon. I'm a bit worried because my dh and I have been ttc and my period is due any time now.

Should cancel the appointment and wait to see if I come on - or is it OK to have a smear test when you are expecting.

IF I am pregnant I will be approx 4 weeks (I would guess)

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mummysurfer · 22/07/2004 09:03

i would cancel it

StickyNote · 22/07/2004 09:04

I'd cancel it too

Angeliz · 22/07/2004 09:04

yes, i would too. Just re-book!

Hulababy · 22/07/2004 09:04

I would cancel. It is best to have them mid cycle anyway.

Angeliz · 22/07/2004 09:05

P.S- fingers crossed++++

angelpoppet · 22/07/2004 09:08

Thanks everyone, wasn't sure what to do for the best.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next few days.

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