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Acupuncture experiences, please tell me

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melsy · 19/07/2004 09:10

I have suffered with nasty tenosivitis(RSI) for many many years. I had a series of therapies 8 yrs ago ; physio therapy , osteopath , strong ibroprufen as it was in my back to. I now have it again , possibly from to many hours typing !! but also lifting my dd and starting to draw and paint again. So it is especially painful in my right wrist, hand & arm.Im upset as I need to be able to carry ut some important work and its painful. In the morning my hand is all swollen and puffy. For some reason I seem to have it in my right knee too spreading downs the leg, (cant think how I got that!!). I would like to try ancupuncture for it , but having never done it , I am unsure of how it will feel. I think in the past I have been recommneded to it for RSI and tension ,but its been the thought of the needles that have put me off. I know they are very fine and bendy and I know it will be a relaxing enviroment, but Im still anxious. Anyone benfited from it greatly or could reccommend anyone in North London ??

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rosies · 19/07/2004 09:39

RSI page this has some useful information... i remember using it for my final massage essay back in 98!

(why does this not show the link) more info.

if you dont fancy needles (and i am not sure i would) then why not try one of the other therapies, or acupressure, which is more or less acupuncture but without needles.

best wishes


and as an aside... why does one have to put a URL description in and not just show the site as a link? am i doing something wrong?

albert · 19/07/2004 09:43

Hi Melsy, I've only had acupuncture once (believe it or not during the last stages of labour - they were very advanced in the use of complimentary therapy in my hospital) I too had always been very scared about the use of needles. I knew various people who had used it very successfully but could never face it myself. However, much to my surprise I really didn't feel anything although it could of course have been because I was too concerned about what was going on around me. I would definately try it again if needs be. If you do decide to try it, explain to your practitioner how you feel, I'm sure you won't be the first to be anxious and I expect they are quite used to dealing with these concerns sympathetically.

Papillon · 19/07/2004 10:04

i have used it for back pain - and gained alot of relief. You can feel quite a reaction to it. One time I went home and slept for an hour, woke up and thought I had been asleep for the whole night - was abit out of it, disorientated abit. But that was only shortlived and I drank lots of water which helped.

Mirage · 20/07/2004 20:43

I'm a definate convert.I started acupuncture after TTC for 3.5 years with no success.

Atfer a few treatments,I got regular periods for the 1st time ever & by the end of the summer I was pregnant.Sadly the baby was ectopic,but I continued with the acupuncture & was pregnant again with dd within weeks.

So I'd definately try it again,for any problem.I still look at DD in amazement that she is actually mine-if it wasn't for acupuncture she wouldn't be here.

Icidentally,the needles don't hurt at all,they are as fine as a hair-I used to come out of my session feeling unbelieveably well & relaxed.

Caribbeanqueen · 20/07/2004 20:56

Melsy, I had acupuncture for a couple of years in London. It's more the City than N London but I can give you details if you're interested.

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