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Another evening spent in Casualty.

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Rae1973 · 15/07/2004 03:40

Morning all,

Well I got weighed on Tuesday, and considering what I had eaten for 3 days previously, I maintained which I was happy about.

But, yesterday and today (Wednesday) I have done nothing but eat. I spent ANOTHER evening in Casualty tonight, I went to a soft play area with my two children and towards the end the youngest starting feeling unwell, she was burning up and was very lethargic, by the time we got home she was screaming in pain and her temp had shot up to 39.5. We phoned the doctors and they said someone would ring back, by this time she was rigid with pain so we cut out the middle man and took her to casualty. It turns out that she now has a nasty form of 'Viral Gastroenteritis', she keeps being sick, getting raging temperatures and very very painful tummy spasms.

So, as you can see by the time, it doesn't look like I'm going to get much sleep tonight.

Plus to top it all, my hubby was in casualty yesterday morning, he fell over yesterday and has torn a ligament in his foot and has been told he needs COMPLETE rest for 2-3 days, then try and walk a little bit for a further 7 days and then after that if he is no better he will need a pot on.

So, I am in charge of EVERYTHING at the minute, I just thank god I have got a good circle of friends who have all been there for me so far, and made a special trip out of their way to delivery the poorly ones favourite teddy to the hospital.

So all in all its not a happy house, we need the red cross above our door at the minute.

OP posts:
Gingerbear · 15/07/2004 06:20

hugs Rae, hope you all feel better soon.

Twiglett · 15/07/2004 07:28

message withdrawn

Flip · 15/07/2004 09:01

Everything always comes at once. Thinking of you.

Hulababy · 15/07/2004 09:03

Oh sdear (((hugs)) Hope your luck turns soon!

coppertop · 15/07/2004 09:04

Sorry you're having such a lousy time. Sending you some good vibes. xx

mrsflowerpot · 15/07/2004 09:45

you poor thing, hope they are all on the mend soon, take care of yourself. make sure you take all the help that's offered! (how lovely of your friends to bring teddy to you)

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