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Spacing between infanrix and the hib,men c and inactivated polio .. ANYONE PLEASE?

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twiglett · 18/07/2004 19:54

message withdrawn

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karen99 · 14/07/2004 17:05

Hi Girls, I'm very pleased that you've been able to get the Infanrix. I'm still trying to persuade my surgery to give it to me. They said as the paed we saw back in June said 'no' then they say 'no'... I really don't know what to do from here. It's really getting me down. I've wanted him vaccinated since he was 9mo and he's 13mo next week.... Does anyone know who the next level is? I haven't even had a reply from my surgery. Left messages etc. so sending another letter tomorrow.

Twiglett, are you definitely getting Inactivated polio or the Oral? I've asked for Inact Polio and DTaP and they won't do either..

frogs · 14/07/2004 17:15

We had inactivated polio (for complicated medical reasons) together with the usual package of jabs at the usual ages.

It does involve three jabs, left thigh, right thigh and one little arm.

Gave her dose of calpol on getting home, and regular doses for a few days. No real problems, though.

Twiglett · 14/07/2004 17:17

message withdrawn

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karen99 · 14/07/2004 17:23

Thanks. Yes, I wrote to them at the same time you and Georgina were. I included the DTaP document and highlighted the 6 months bit. Haven't had a reply to that letter and two phone messages left for the practice manager to ring me. Writing to her again today. HV was sympathetic at the start but isn't returning my calls now either... Will look up PCT.

We have a close relative with rh-arthritis (my dad) who is vaccinated against polio. Was it one of you who said their dh had it? Should I be concerned about this and my ds and oral polio?

Twiglett · 14/07/2004 17:25

message withdrawn

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Twiglett · 14/07/2004 17:42

message withdrawn

OP posts:
karen99 · 14/07/2004 21:34

thx for the clarification. He won't be changing nappies. Have found the PCT near me and have contacted someone via email. Fingers crossed they can help...

Gem13 · 18/07/2004 20:07

Mine were done all together. DTaP with the hib in one leg and the men C in the other, polio in the mouth.

Just had the second lot done yesterday.

Hope it's alright...

Gem13 · 18/07/2004 20:07

Before I get too anxious about this, DS had the same nearly 2 years ago without any adverse effects.

GeorginaA · 18/07/2004 20:13

My surgery is spacing it Hib & Men C, then 2 weeks later DTaP & polio. I think it may be something to do with making sure the Hib is effective as possible. shrug. Just relieved to be getting the infanrix!

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