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Breasfeeding .... can I take Senokot?

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Millie1 · 16/07/2004 00:25

If not, what can I take? Lactulose?


OP posts:
Piffleoffagus · 16/07/2004 00:40

for b/f I think the only one you can safely take is the fybogel

pupuce · 16/07/2004 00:44

Read this that may help.

poppyseed · 16/07/2004 01:13

Fybogel was recommended to me. Or try lots of prunes!!

poppyseed · 16/07/2004 01:18

I would check with GP as BNF says to avoid in seriousness.

maretta · 16/07/2004 01:24

I'm sure my midwife gave me some senokot a week after giving birth and I was breast feeding??

mears · 16/07/2004 16:28

You can take lactulose and fybogel(both together until regular) - that is what we prescribe in hospital

pollyanna · 16/07/2004 17:05

Prune juice is very effective too.

twiglett · 16/07/2004 17:18

message withdrawn

Millie1 · 16/07/2004 21:48

Thanks so much everyone! It's going to be some yucky stuff followed by a much healthier diet from now on!!

OP posts:
woodpops · 16/07/2004 23:13

My midwife gave me Senakot after I had both of my kids. If that's any help. I've got this wierd thing about pooing and won't poo in public toilets. In fact I'll only go in my own toilet at home. So didn't go while I was in hospital therefore making myself vwery bunged up. I breastfed both dd and ds and took Senakot.

Piffleoffagus · 16/07/2004 23:19

Typical isn;t it?
how much advice differs.
I went to my GP and he said only Fybogel...
Senokot would be much nicer to take!

Millie1 · 18/07/2004 01:03

Piffleoffagus ... I took the Senakot (not that it's had much effect! ... sorry maybe that's a bit detailed!!!) cos the link that Pupuce posted from Netdoctor said there were no known adverse effects whilst breastfeeding - and DS hasn't shown any ill effects today. Same site warned off Lactulose (which I was going to ask Mears about?) which is wierd cos I was given it in hospital too. Hmmm. Am off for a bowl of bran stick thingys now - yuch!

OP posts:
hoxtonchick · 18/07/2004 01:10

The day I came home from hospital with ds (he was all of 48 hours old) I sent my Mum off in a mad dash to find laxatives I could take whilst breastfeeding (at 10pm). She came back with Senakot having quizzed the pharmacist extensively. This is a long-winded way of saying I took it for a few days & everything was absolutely fine with ds (though it did take that long to work ).

Pagan · 18/07/2004 23:09

I used it on occasion when I was bf with no ill effects

Millie1 · 19/07/2004 01:02

Thanks Hoxtonchick & Pagan .... feel a bit less guilty about taking it now!

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