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Infanrix saga .. latest installment

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twiglett · 15/07/2004 00:06

message withdrawn

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eddm · 15/07/2004 00:34

Hang on in there Twiglett, I really wish I'd done the same.

twiglett · 15/07/2004 00:43

message withdrawn

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Jimjams · 15/07/2004 00:55

Hib's not a huge problem especially if she's not in day care and/or breast fed (is breast fed I mean- too many negatives in that sentence), and its the wrong season for whooping cough (usually strikes in the the Spring). So I wouldn't worry too much about that. DS2 was exposed to whopping cough several times when 4 months old (eek!) Not something I'd wish to repeat but he didn't get it, so even a definite exposure doesn't equal definite disease iyswim.

Hope that helps you sleep more easily (And that's meant completely sincerely - I still wake at night occasionally with a complete dread because ds2 hasn't had any).

eddm · 15/07/2004 01:46

Ah yes, you were the one who outed me as a red and round person, weren't you? Keep thinking I should give in and just change my damn name to Edam.. but then it wouldn't be ds's initials.
Can't believe they wanted to drag you to Bermondsey to interrogate you about your request for mercury-free vaccines. Are they scared we'll all want one?

twiglett · 15/07/2004 13:03

message withdrawn

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twiglett · 15/07/2004 13:04

message withdrawn

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prufrock · 16/07/2004 11:19

Don't go twiglett - definately call first. My GP booked me in at our hospital and presented this as the answer to my problems, but when I phoned they said they didn't do the mercury free, and didn't have any Infanrix. (I did ask how they did preschool boosters, but was talking to a secretary who obv. didn't know anything other than the message she'd been told to pass on)

Jimjams - thank you - I was getting very worried as ds hasn't had ANY vaccinations yet. Does that apply for the polio and MenC as well (he's at home and fully bf, but does mix with dd who is fully vaccinated but at daycare 2 days) or do I need to insist on those asap?

twiglett · 16/07/2004 11:25

message withdrawn

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