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Elbow pulled out of joint?

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Wallace · 13/07/2004 00:51

Dd (just turned 3) fell down, and ds yanked her up by her arms. She immediately starting screaming that her arm was sore. Since then she hasn't been moving it, and cries when it is touched. She had some Nurofen and was asleep at half seven (it happened at 5pm).

I think she may have pulled the elbow joint - something similar happened once before ages ago, but was fine within an hour or two.

She seems fine unless her arm is moved - even sat quite happily eating ice-cream left-handed, with her right arm dangling by her side!

Is it something that I should get a doctor to look at tomorrow, or will it sort itself out like it did last time...?

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lou33 · 13/07/2004 00:56

I would get it checked tomorrow, just in case it is slightly out of place. Poor thing. Hope it improves overnight.

frogs · 13/07/2004 01:18

Yes, this happened to my dd1 (aged 9) recently. Phoned the dr. and she said to leave it 24 hours as may resolve itself, otherwise take to casualty in am. Apparently it's quite straightforward to click it back in (for the medics, obviously, not a DIY job!)

Ours resolved itself spontaneously.


Wallace · 13/07/2004 01:28

Thanks Will take her to see the doctor in the morning if she is still in pain. She is sound asleep at the moment...have got a supply of Calpol in just in case...

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Wallace · 13/07/2004 12:43

Poor thing was up a lot in the night, and is still in pain if her arm is moved or bumped. We are going to the doctors at lunchtime.

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SoupDragon · 13/07/2004 12:57

Very common apparently. At 18 months old, DS1 had his popped back in in a BUPA hospital in Portugal! The pain stopped immediately and he was running round within 10 minutes back to his usual self.

BlossomHill · 13/07/2004 13:28

My dd did this about 5 times in all - obviously had a weakness. I ALWAYS took her to casualty and they would click it back in, within minutes her arm was back to normal.
It is so painful, I really feel for your dd!

alibubbles · 13/07/2004 13:30

This has happened twice to the toddler I look after. her father did it the first time and I think I did it the second!

I took her to A&E and they popped it back in really easily. She screamed while they did it. but 30 seconds later no problems at all.

The hospital say it is very common, and once it has happened is likey to reoccur until they are a bit older, so no playing aeroplanes and swinging her by her arms!

Twink · 13/07/2004 16:52

One of mine used to do this frequently when I was young and my parents were taught how to put it back.

It still pops out occasionally now but I can put it back myself, although sometimes takes a glass of wine before I can face it...

Wallace · 13/07/2004 17:14

Took her to see a doctor. She fell asleep on the way there, and the first thing she did when we saw the doctor was move her arm! It is still a bit sore, but she is moving it quite a lot now. The doctor said it probably was her elbow, and to keep an eye on it, but it will probably be fine now.


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