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wisdom teeth

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doziduck · 11/07/2004 17:51

Has anyone had a wisdom tooth out and how bad an experience was it?

OP posts:
agy · 11/07/2004 18:59

I've had wisdom teeth out - not impacted, just to give more space. Really easy. Apparently they haven't got much root.

saintshar · 11/07/2004 19:02

Where are you having them out doziduck, dentist or the hospital?

strawberry · 11/07/2004 19:23

Had all 4 of mine out in hospital and it was fine. Needed a few painkillers for a couple of days but very little swelling or bruising.

sis · 11/07/2004 19:44

I had all four out under a general anaesthetic in a hospital about fifteen years ago - no problems at all apart from a bit of queasiness from the anaesthetic.

Tommy · 12/07/2004 02:19

Another "all 4 out under a general in hospital". The anaesthetic made me cry a lot and my face was really swollen and bruised for a few days but otherwise OK. Felt very wierd afterwards - I could actually open my mouth really wide for the first time!

SofiaAmes · 12/07/2004 02:57

I had two wisdom teeth out with local anaesthetic. The first was so easy that I was still waiting for the dentist to pull it out when in fact it was already pulled and I hadn't even felt it. The second however was severly impacted and involved 2 operations and a waiting period in between and it was all horribly painful.

jasper · 12/07/2004 03:28

dozi it completely depends on the tooth . Some come out very easily,(even if impacted) some need a bit more persuasion.

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