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Bruise like marks on legs...HV thinks it might be clotting (sp?)

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Juliehafrancis · 10/07/2004 00:53

Saw HV for fouth time a few days ago as Dd who is 22 months old has had bruise marks in the exact same place and same size on both legs for the last 5 1/2 months. Have made an appointment with the doctor for tuesday meanwhile I am starting to panic! She said something briefly about an inbalance in her clotting..does anyone know what this is and how it is treated?
Any advice would be much appreciated,



OP posts:
gingernut · 10/07/2004 01:17

It sounds like she suspects a problem with your dd's platelets which are blood cells involved in the clotting process. I've no actual knowledge about this except that the bruising thing rang bells (I used to write information leaflets for drugs and some drugs can lower platelet counts so I remember writing warnings about bruising easily). They'd do a blood test to check the platelet count and if they did find a problem, they would try to identify a cause and any treatment would depend on that.


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