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incubation periods for tummy bugs?

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strangerthanfiction · 23/06/2004 09:40

HI, dd's friend who we played with last Sunday has come down with a horrible horrible tummy bug. Having just recovered from one ourselves a few weeks ago I was wondering when / if I should expect to start with this one. Does anyone know the general incubation period for bugs?

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sweetkitty · 23/06/2004 10:36

All depends on the bug and the individual I'm afraid. Some take 1-6 hours to show symptoms some take a few days. Sounds like a virus so could be anyones guess sorry. Maybe you'll be lucky and it will pass you over completely. If I could predict what these bugs were going to do it would make my job a lot easier. (I'm a food microbiologist).

lydialemon · 23/06/2004 10:50

If its this nasty 24hr vomiting/upset stomach bug thats going around our school then.....

DS played at friends house on a Friday, friend was sick Friday night/all day saturday. DS got sick Sunday, stopped throwing up by Monday(went to Nursery!) but had a 'loose tummy' for about a week afterwards.

HTH! and I hope it passes you by

strangerthanfiction · 23/06/2004 14:20

Thanks everyone, do you think then that if about 3 days have gone we're in the clear? Or can some take as long as a week to show?

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