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any other hay fever sufferers?

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strangerthanfiction · 20/06/2004 20:43

Is it just me or does this seem to be a particularly bad year for hay fever? I'm even beginning to wonder if I've got hay fever or some other kind of nasal complaint I'm having such a hard time with it. I'm unable to breathe through my nose for much of the night so waking with a very dry mouth all the time, my nose feels constantly as though someone's just punched me too. Anyone else like this or is it time for me to see a nose doctor?!

OP posts:
xoz · 20/06/2004 20:56

Im with you on this one... I don't remember ever having it this bad.
Most of the time I just wish I could detach my nose and put it in a drawer or something until it's all cleared up!!!

Bron · 20/06/2004 21:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

strangerthanfiction · 20/06/2004 21:36

Oh, good to hear this. It's constant isn't it? On the less sunny days and in the evenings and at night I'd hope to be better but it just goes on and on. My eyes are so hot and sore.

OP posts:
woodpops · 21/06/2004 00:57

Snap. I don't know about you but none of my medication seems to be working either. Almost like I've become imune to it. Keep saying I'm going to go to the drs to get it all changed but getting time to go on my own is impossible. I really don't fancy lugging 2 kids into the surgery with me!!! Mums aren't allowed to be poorly and see drs are they???

gloworm · 21/06/2004 10:53

seems to be the same here in ireland. we own a health shop and are selling more Luffa this year than ever before and most of our customers say this is the worst their hayfever has been for years. the good news is that the Luffa still seems to be working

coppertop · 21/06/2004 10:57

It's been awful this year. I don't think I've used anti-histamines enough to become immune to them but mine don't seem to be working much this year either.

Tissy · 21/06/2004 11:07

yes, it's bad this year. Last year when breastfeeding, I decided to avoid my usual Zirtek tablets, and got some Flixonase spray. I think it works fine, and my nose hasn't been bunged up much since i started using it again, but you have to keep using it, even on wet days, otherwise the effect wears off.

strangerthanfiction · 21/06/2004 12:03

gloworm, what's Luffa? I've never heard of it, I can't take antihistamines so just have to use the nasal spray which isn't helping at all this year.

Does this go on ALL summer? For some reason I can't seem to remember it going on for longer than a couple of months but maybe that's selective memory ...

Today is DIRE.

OP posts:
gloworm · 21/06/2004 12:36

its a herbal remedy made by Bioforce. get in health shop. comes in drops and nasel spray. drops are better, add some to water and take 3 times a day. it works quite quickly.

there are other threads on this (prob inder MN for Luffa)

jampot · 21/06/2004 12:43

Mine started much later this year but now it has started it's a nightmare. I use Clarityn once a day but find that after about 12 hours I really need another fix. Mouth very itchy, nose running, eyes itchy, I even have to use an inhaler when its really bad and atm I won't go anywhere without it.

strangerthanfiction · 22/06/2004 12:08

Yes, I have to use an inhaler with it too. I'm asthmatic anyway but it's been loads worse. Generally I seem to be waking very early in the morning with my nose really hurting and my chest tight as a drum. I really don't think I've had hay fever that's felt as bad as this before.

OP posts:
expatkat · 22/06/2004 12:33

It's horrendous, stf--I have the same symptoms you describe. Does the nasal spray not make yr heart race? I've found it has same effect as antihistamines on my system. (Though I take your point that you've given up using it as it hasn't helped anyway.)

shrub · 22/06/2004 14:53

luffa is brilliant! tincture works faster than tablets. works very quickly stops sneezing, itchy mouth, throat, eyes, congestion.i couldn't believe it at first thinking it a fluke but have been using it now for over 2 weeks and still working. expensive at £7.99 a bottle, i'm on my 2nd but feel its worth it. if you can't find it in healthfood shops try (owned by tesco)look a-z manafacturer, then bioforce, then luffa. i have had hayfever for over 20 years and have tried the lot from acupuncture to steriod injection. also bought a plant/garden spray use as a fine mist and spray yourself, your nose, furniture, dog, children and bed to dampen pollen down. vasaline up nose and above and below an article in the sunday torygraph that said a cure has been found for hayfever called r112 - no reported side effects in initial trials but won't be available for another 5 years.

strangerthanfiction · 22/06/2004 20:55

Ok, shrub, I'm sold, I'm going to hunt out some Luffa tomorrow. I'm hoping it doesn't have the side effects of antihistamines?

Yes, expatkat, the spray also makes my heart race. I don't like taking it at all.

OP posts:
shrub · 23/06/2004 09:59

strangerthanfiction - no side effects, completely natural all herbs including sea cucumber(?!) and luffa does have alchohol in the tinture though - hiccup. i am still quite freaked out that i've found something that actually works that hasn't got loads of dodgy chemicals in.

gloworm · 23/06/2004 18:57

luffa definatly has no side effects and can be taken alongside regular hayfever medication.

and on the alcohol point...a dose of any tincture by bioforce contains the same amount of alcohol as found in a banana!!! (as told to me by Bioforce)

shrub · 25/06/2004 11:11

strangerthanfiction - did you find the luffa? and if so have you used it? success?
i've found the the less water you use to mix it with the better and hold in mouth for as long as you can. i also get hayfever in the middle of the night, so i now use it before i go to sleep and spray the room with water.

Fio2 · 25/06/2004 11:15

I get it too I try to stay indoors when it is really high count and only go out for say an hour at a time. Keep windows closed particually after 6pm. I have tried homeopathic remedies without success. Zirtek blows my head off. I just go really sleepy and headachy with it. My mum has bought me some others which I havent tried yet, they are Loratadine 10mg (she is a dispenser and reckons they are good!)

Northerner · 25/06/2004 11:16

Another sufferer here. This is a bd year for mee too. Sick of feeling like a pile of crap. I use Zirtek and Beconase and eye drops.

What is this Luffa thing????

shrub · 25/06/2004 11:22

gloworm has the link - where are yoooou? it is made from lots of herbs including sea cucumber and the luffa plant but the difference is it actually works! its a miracle - this is the first summer i've been outside. it is made by 'bioforce'. they also do a nasal spray and tablets made from the same ingredients but i've been told the tincture is the fastest acting. it stops me sneezing in seconds. i was using nasal air guard ( filter that fits inside your nose but sometimes the force of the sneezing makes them fly out! i still think the product is in development as you still have to buy them directly from the manafacturer.

Fio2 · 25/06/2004 11:23

I might try it. Is it expensive?

shrub · 25/06/2004 11:34

£7.99 but if you do a google search - which i've just tried to do to find the information link you can get it cheaper.i really think it is worth it because it really works. i just wouldn't use conventional stuff now with all the health scares.

shrub · 25/06/2004 11:41

information on bioforce luffa complex

strangerthanfiction · 25/06/2004 11:53

Thanks shrub, I got some, have been using it for a day or so and I think things are a bit better but hard to tell as it's been quite wet and windy here and I always feel better when it's not so hot.

OP posts:
shrub · 25/06/2004 19:12

i whoop for joy when the weatherman says its going to rain - apparently its pollen count 2 tomorrow

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