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Spots and poorly tummy

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jampot · 20/06/2004 12:07

I seem to have developed half a dozen or so red spots on my tummy overnight most of which are around my belly button, which has followed having to get up in the early hours of the morning with a bad tummy and pain. I am absolutely knackered this morning. The spots look a bit like chickenpox but no itching. It's a while since my kids had cpox so can anyone advise me if this is possible?

OP posts:
prettycandles · 20/06/2004 15:23

Don't really know, but ds has just had a load of spots on his buttock and leg, then a great big (and very sudden) puke, and from his behaviour was obviously poorly but not with any obvious illness. Then, less than 24h after the puke, he was fine.

Perhaps it's that famous 'Just A Virus' illness? Hopefully yours will pass as quickly!

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