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11mth old teething - gone off milk

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Kanesmum · 03/06/2002 10:36

My DS is teething cutting four front teeth all at once. Poor thiing! He has gone off his milk from a bottle and can only stand the teat in his mouth for a few sec's at a time. I have tried giving him a beaker but he does the same. However he will drink his juice from the beaker. Is this because the juice is cold and the milk is warm? He only has 2 bottles a day and is not taking much of either. He is taking some solids. I know it must be painfull as his gums look really sore. Should I worry too much it's just that HV's say babies should have about a pint a day. Any suggstions on what I could try or do? Thx

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pupuce · 03/06/2002 11:13

If this were to last for weeks then maybe you'd want to address this issue but IMO give him cold milk - see if he likes it and if not, well he's not going to suffer any long term (or even short term) ill-effects from not drinking milk. Does he eat yogourt ? If you are really concerned about his diary intake (but again if it's a few days only you should'nt), give him more yogourt or a bit of ice cream...

LiamsMum · 03/06/2002 11:16

Kanesmum my ds went off milk too, a bit later than your ds though. We went through the stage of thinking it was teething, because he didn't seem to want to suck on the bottle. He would drink juice and water out of a cup, but not milk. So eventually we had to accept that he just did not want his bottle anymore because it became too much of a struggle to give it to him. I was worried about his intake of milk too, because he would only have it with his cereal - he just refused to drink it. (I tried flavoured milk too, nothing worked). Don't despair too much, we have replaced the milk with yoghurt and cheese and he still gets his milk with his cereal, so he's getting enough calcium in his diet. It's taken many months but he's starting to show a slight interest in drinking milkshakes (not the best, I know!!) but he drank half my chocolate milkshake last week and I was relieved to think that he was at least getting milk in some shape or form. Apparently it's quite common for babies/toddlers to go off milk, but 3 servings of dairy products a day generally gives them enough calcium (eg. 2 yoghurts & a slice of cheese). Hope this helps - I've been there before.

pupuce · 03/06/2002 11:18

There are plenty of other sources of calcium anyway... and there are millions of people who do not drink milk and have no calcium problem.... it's very much a "Western world" idea that you must drink sooo much milk.

LiamsMum · 03/06/2002 11:29

I think the reason they focus on it so much now is because of osteoporosis... if you get a decent amount of calcium when you're young, you don't have to worry about getting this condition when you're older. It's a preventative thing I guess. A woman I worked with had osteoporosis when she was only about 50, due to calcium deficiency. I know what you're saying though, Pupuce, many things are done to the other extreme these days.

Kanesmum · 04/06/2002 20:50

I will try him with the cold milk and see if he likes that. Today he has started with a chesty cough and wheezing so that won't help. He loves yoghurts so I will give him another pot. Thx for the advice.

OP posts:
Kanesmum · 04/06/2002 20:53

I hope he isn't telling me that he doesn't want his milk anymore. I enjoy giving him his last bottle. But I can't force it down him. Hope it's just the teeth. He's growing up too fast.

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Snugs · 04/06/2002 22:08

Kanesmum - if he currently has a chesty cough it might be as well to leave the milk alone for a day or too anyway. Dairy products increase mucus production and will just aggravate his cough.

Bozza · 04/06/2002 22:48

Kanesmum this happened when my DS was teething. I found though that by making sloppy readybrek I could spoon a full 7 oz of milk into him at one go! I just added enough cereal to make the spooning possible.

Bozza · 04/06/2002 22:48

Also don't worry once the teeth were through DS was straight back onto his bottle.

Kanesmum · 05/06/2002 10:28

I think the milk is making him worse, had a bad night last night DS ended up in my bed. He was so breathless and wheezing which made him really upset. I have booked him into the doc's this morning just to have him checked over.

I thought about doing that with the ready brek, he loves it so I don't think it would be a problem. Thx

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