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help me make dd feel better with chickenpox!!!

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webmum · 15/06/2004 08:13

DD is 3 and has a very bad case, the poor thing has her face absolutely covered in spots, and her nappy area too.

I've been applying calamine cream and giving her pyriton but they don't seem to do much and she's pretty miserable, crying all the time.

Any other tipr on how to relieve the itchiness?

many thanks

OP posts:
albert · 15/06/2004 08:50

Webmum, sorry to hear that. My DS has just had chicken pox too and his bottom was pretty nasty aswell (although out of nappies). I was advised to bathe DS is a bath with rice starch which I got from a health food shop and I remember when I had it many years ago I was bathed in washing soda. Also I bought a talc like powder from the pharmacy, can't remember the name, something like Lanacane. You could also try a homeopathic rememdy, I think it's Hypericum for chicken pox, again wise to check this out. Sorry, I'm at work so I can't come up with much. Here in Italy there is a prescription from the Dr which will prevent the itching, don't know if you can get that in the UK, we didn't use it but since over half DS's playschool went down with chicken pox at the same time I heard very good things about this prescription. Good luck,keep her cool and remember that it's much better to get cp when very young.

Tissy · 15/06/2004 08:52

I don't know if piriton helped dd's itchiness, when she had chickenpox, but we gave it to her any way!

try and keep her as cool as possible

a couple of tablespoons of bicarb in the bath is supposed to help

cool damp flannels applied to very itchy bits

you can get "anti-itch" cream at the chemists- there are various makes- dd didn't like the smaell of Eurax, but was happy with E45

lots of Cbeebies/ Videos/ Presents/ Surprises were the best distraction!!

Hope she gets better soon!

Moomin · 15/06/2004 08:57

If you can get some aloe vera gel, it's great stuff to help relieve itching and it helps the skin heal without scarring too. We bought it from our local chemist. Can't recommned it highly enough. Also gave her lots of cool bicarb baths and regular doses of calpol to help the achiness. Good luck.

webmum · 15/06/2004 08:58


I'll see if I get some of yur suggestions when I go out tonight...

she's already had lots of presents and spends the whole day in front of tv poor thing...

I know its better to get it when young but I just ahte to see her so poorly (and not sleeping all night!!)


OP posts:
prufrock · 15/06/2004 21:18

Rhus-tox is another homeopathic remedy for chicken pox

poppyseed · 15/06/2004 21:23

Piriton/Calpol/bicarb in the bath (to dry them off)/Calamine lotion/lots of fluid/lots of love and cuddles/buckets of chocolate. It's horrible for them isn't it - DS has just had them at 12 months, even his willie had 3 poxes - how something so small could actually accommodate 3 is amazing to me!!

gettingthere · 15/06/2004 21:27

bicarbonate of soda in the bath - quite a good amount for it to relieve symptoms (chemist will advise). also, check spots are not infected - my daughter had so many i didn't pick up that some were infected for a couple of days (by which time they were worse). i also found very short fingernails helped. they do start to dry up quite quickly but its horrible for them until then. hope she (and you) are feeling better soon.

toddlerbob · 16/06/2004 01:17

pinetarsol in the bath and also on wet washcloths stored in the fridge (put in tupperware as it smells of smoked meat) and applied to itchy bits.

batey · 16/06/2004 06:53

Another vote for Rhus-tox here. My dd2 got over her pox much faster then when dd1 had it and I'm sure it was that remedy, I got mine over the counter at a GNC store. HTH.

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