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An evening with Dr Andrew Wakefield

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Soapbox · 14/06/2004 22:02

I thought those of you about to make the difficult MMR or not call might be interested in the above.

It is on 24 June 2004, at teh Logan Hall, Bedford Way London WC!. Tickets 0800 146054.

The ad in familiesonline where I saw it says 'Dr Wakefield was among the first to discover a possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism. His reearch findings made many parents think twice while others called for a single vaccine. But in recent monthes he has faced enormous public pressure to withdraw his findings after a Sunday newspaper discovered a fudnignarrangement that they claimed compromised his research. Despite this unrelenting pressure, he has refused to back down. Lynne McTaggers, editor of What the Doctors Don't Tell You will introduce the man in the eye of the MMR storm. He will be joined by Paul Shattuck frm the autism usit at the University of Sunderland, who has also researched the link between autism and the MMR vaccine.

7-10pm tickets £49 on the door or $44.75 in advance. A contribution is to be made to a vaccine research support group.

Before any one asks I have nothing to do with this event! Merely wish that I had had an opportunity to discuss this with Mr Wakefield before having to reach a decision myself!

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soapbox · 15/06/2004 14:01


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Davros · 15/06/2004 14:25

Its been cancelled, I phoned them last week they say it will be resheduled but "he" (Wakeifled) has decided this is not a good time for some mysterious reason I couldn't get out of them. I have registered on the WDDTY website so hope to hear when its back on.

soapbox · 15/06/2004 15:20

Oh thanks for letting us know Davros - wonder why?

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lisalisa · 15/06/2004 16:23

Message withdrawn

Tissy · 15/06/2004 16:31

welcome back, lisalisa, what did you have?

Jimjams · 15/06/2004 17:55

I want to go....... Bugger - bet I'll be too pregnant and it'll be too far away.

There is the vaccination conference in November with the second day devoted to autism. I can't remember whether Wakefield is talking there but Shattock will be.

lisalisa · 28/06/2004 16:22

Message withdrawn

Tissy · 28/06/2004 16:22

well done!!

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