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Weird bright red patch at the back of dd's neck.

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arabella2 · 10/06/2004 15:38

It's at the top of the neck, on the head actually and underneath her hair. It's about the size of a 50p piece and looks like a blood bruise but I can't think of anything which has happened which could have caused this. Does anybody have any ideas what this might be? She's almost 12 weeks old by the way.

OP posts:
kiwicath · 10/06/2004 17:23

As it happens I've just been looking this up on google. They are called "stork bites" and usually appear on upper lip, between the eyes, on eye lids and back of neck. My littlin has had them since birth. They seem to get redder when he's fussing or hot but the good news is the ones on the face are supposed to disappear whereas the one on nape of neck may remain. No great shakes there though as the hair (when he gets it!!) should cover that up. Might be completely wrong though - might be worth googling for yourself as there are some very good decriptions of all the different birthmarks.

lars · 10/06/2004 17:25

Sounds like a birthmark- Infact I have one same place larsxx

Galaxy · 10/06/2004 17:28

message withdrawn

kiwicath · 10/06/2004 17:29

Here's a good decription. Might be one of these.

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