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Morning sickness - reappearance at 32 weeks

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Bigmerlin · 10/06/2004 13:53

Just wondering, is it common for morning sickness to reappear out of the blue? I'm 32 weeks. I was sick every morning for 14 weeks, then it suddenly stopped, but this morning, with absolutely no warning, suddenly I had to sprint to the bathroom and was violently sick. Is this likely to be a one off? I was fine again straight away afterwards.

OP posts:
prufrock · 10/06/2004 14:38

Mine stopped at 20weeks or so this time, but I was sick 4 more times after about 34 weeks. The dreadful nauseous feeling didn't return, just v. violent vomiting. My midwife said it was unlucky, but nothing to worry about. I hope it doesn't happen too often for you.

prettycandles · 10/06/2004 14:43

Sorry, but it can happen. Are you taking iron supplements? When my morning sickness returned at about 30w my iron levels were borderline low, and within a week or so of starting to take iron tablets the morning sickness eased off enormously. Also, I found that if I didn't drink enough I felt nauseated - even though I wasn't necessarily thirsty. It could also be the heat affecting you.

xoz · 10/06/2004 14:51

I was the same as that with DD1. Sick until 18 weeks then it all went away only to come back at about 32 weeks. It continued until I gave birth, sudden violent urge to vomit, really nice (esp in the middle of Christmas dinner ) The one good thing is that it stopped after she was born - hooray!!!!! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

strangerthanfiction · 10/06/2004 21:19

i had hypre-emesis (can't remember how to spell it now, think I've blanked the memory!) which meant I was VERY sick and had to be hydrated intravenously a few times during the first 4 months of pregnancy then things got much more manageable until 7 months pregnant when it came back but nowhere near as bad as in the beginning. I was told it was quite common for a return of morning sickness.

sibble · 11/06/2004 06:17

My nausea returned at 28 weeks, teh midwife checked my bloods and although my hb was Ok my ferritin (stored iron levels were 6 and should read between 20-100). I started iron tablets which took 10 days to kick in but 3 weeks later I feel much better. The dizzyness, breathlessness and everything else is better too. Ask your midwife to check your bloods if she hasn't already.
Last time with DS I felt sick/was sick all the way through. My stored iron was never, to my knowledge, checked and although I have no proof I can't help thinking that if I had taken iron tablets last time as well I wouldn't have been so bad.
Might be different for you but worth a shot.
Hope you feel better soon.

expatkat · 11/06/2004 06:26

I remember someone starting a thread like this when I was about 32 weeks (2 yrs ago). All of us mums on the Sept/October 2002 baby thread, rather oddly, started to feel the nausea again at 32 weeks. We determined it's quite common. It should pass again, unless you're unlucky like xoz.

Sibble, I took iron tablets & still had the nausea at 32 wks. I think the kind of nausea/other symtoms you had were symptomatic of low hemoglobin, but then there's another kind of nausea that's just plain morning sickness nausea--and that can reappear, quite commonly, at around 32 wks. But I agree with you about having blood checked during pregnancy.

Bigmerlin · 11/06/2004 09:41

It wasn't a one off... I've spoken to my midwife on the phone and she said it's very common, she didn't want to check anything.
I've only had my blood tested twice, and one of those times the results never came back, but the midwife didn't do a retest. So I don't think anyone would know if I had low iron levels! I suppose it's possible, as I am a vegetarian, but then I'm really careful to eat lots of spinach etc to make up for it.

Thanks for all the replies, it's been very reassuring.

OP posts:
prettycandles · 11/06/2004 13:45

Bbigmerlin, unless you're already taking supplements I doubt it'll do you any harm to take an iron supplement in any case. Why not try it and see? But make sure to take a 'gentle' iron, such as Bisglycinate, because NHS standard Ferrous Sulphate can give you horrible constipation and isn't as well absorbed so you have to take higher doses.

alibo · 22/06/2004 12:39

my sisters hv said that return of morning sickness after 30 weeks ,usually indicates you are carrying a girl!! (and it was correct with my sister!!) Let me know!!

homebird11 · 22/06/2004 12:45

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chuffed · 22/06/2004 12:56

I didn't have morning sickness just a tiny bit of nausea when blood sugar got low and this returned again at about 32 wks. It could be just a growth spurt from the baby...and alibo I too had a girl.

dinosaur · 22/06/2004 13:02

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This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

prettycandles · 22/06/2004 14:21

Alibo, it happened to me both times, and the first time I had a boy, the second a girl!

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