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upset tummy at 36 weeks - should I be worried?

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mollymay · 09/06/2004 22:30

I have been feeling a bit sick over the last couple of days and have some diarrhoea. I was just wondering whether this was normal (its my second pregnancy and I don't remember this first time round). Has anyone else experienced this?

OP posts:
Jimjams · 09/06/2004 22:52

some people have it before labour starts- the body purges itself. If you're worried always best to check with someone- and of course if your temp goes up then inform someone right away. A friend of a friend had a sotmach bug at 36 weeks (chucking up violently etc) and they admitted her to keep an eye on things.

aloha · 09/06/2004 23:35

You probably just have a bug - lots around. A pregnancy dietician I spoke to recently says that if the bug causes vomiting then it isn't anything that will cross the placenta and harm the baby. But as Jimjams says, watch out if you get a high temperature.

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